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How about we just say “RegenerDon” from now on?

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I’m pretty sure that if you have waited until the last minute to register, you probably were going to vote for China Joe anyway. Congratulations, you played yourself, Coonman.

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I have talked to many people who did not vote in 2016, who are all in for Trump this election. I’m not sure where you live, but I have never seen so many Trump signs and flags, it’s crazy. I firmly believe between the enthusiasm and his loyal base and the fact that there is no energy behind the Biden campaign signals a huge turnout for Trump. Also, Ted Cruz has said that ACB should be confirmed next week, but we shall see, outside of Trump and a few others I don’t have much faith in the Republican Party.

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I wish someone would take a shit in her freezer.

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One bite, everyone knows the rules.

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But, trust Sessions. He’s at Guantanamo right now getting the nooses ready...fuck outta here with that bullshit!

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My prediction is that it will be the breaking story tomorrow morning, it's amazing that people can't see through all of their bullshit.

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I try to never miss Clutch when they roll through. How about this jam for all the truck drivers out there! https://youtu.be/4A2FWwX2sxw

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Fuck ‘em all! Ram it down their fucking throats!!!

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I figured it was more fake shit, but I wanted to see what everyone else thought.

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