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That takes some serious intestinal fortitude. No amount of imbibing of any substance can fortify you with that. That comes from naturally humungous balls. Folks like this man are born like that. Respect.

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I think you're right, patriot... How about 45?... To start with... Now is the time for justice.

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With respect, you are wrong. Take it from a former bernie bro. Wanna know why I got behind DJT after bernie got fucked? It was because of my issue: The TPP. Both bernie and DJT were against it. When the time came I chose Trump because my issue was more important to me than my sore butt. Do you know what that takes? I'll give you a hint: It begins with an I.

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I noticed that too... hilarious!! :p

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CNN: Sources say "Trump is a secret dyslexic"

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Good on ya for using your VOICE, Patriot. Good on your teach for being intellectually honest. It took guts from the both of you. But, most of all good on ya for getting the ball rolling. In a time of lies, to speak the truth is a revolutionary act.

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Ya I don't know what polarized contact lenses are. Also, I was being cheeky. Possibly a hint of sarcasm... Lol

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I noticed that too. Right at the beginning. Almost like a "Check 1 2, Check 1 2, Syphilis, Syphilis..." or a "gimme da gimme da mic CHECK!!!"

Obvious shenanigans are obvious.

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I lost my shit just reading this beauty!

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t. "I may be a feminist on the surface but deep down I'm a huge whore. So stay in your lane, misogynists... Don't out me as a sellout who actually loves the cock, along with the kind of rap that puts me in my place as a woman. Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks... Bang bang skeet skeet mufugggazz."

-- Kamala Harris

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There will be vitriol no matter who it is. We know this. But, it very well may be her. I feel you on thinking it's a smoke screen, though. That's how I've felt about her from the day ruth kicked it. I hope that not her, but someone more to the right especially on 2A issues, originalism, etc. soldiers through.

Aside from that though, there may be up to two new nominees for SCOTUS in the coming four years. Food for thought.

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