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lol are there actual red lights on the cameras or is it just a figure of speech

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Twitter didn't allow anything on Tucker to trend tonight. Absolute madness, Tucker has the most watched cable news program ever and no doubt it got an even higher ratings boost tonight. It dominated discussion on twitter, yet not a single trend.

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What a nice surprise, didn't know there was another one tonight

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That's why Dems fucked themselves. Do they preach lockdowns and COVID COVID COVID or do they tell people to go vote in person? hahaha

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I think it's funny that all of the sudden COVID isn't so bad and you should go vote in person

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The best thing Repubs can do to fight ballot padding and various other methods of cheating is to vote on election day.

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I got at least 1 redditor's account perma-banned last night after they DM'd me threatening messages when I posted pro-Barrett comments. Haha, they are definitely getting demoralzied.

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Yep, there was tons and tons of overt support last night in there.

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In the 1800's during Yellow fever outbreaks they would fire cannons in an attempt to disturb the atmosphere. You aren't far off lmao

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lmao I forget where this even originated

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Is she a Russian spy? A Russian plant? What’s her connection to Russia Journalists!! Where the F#ck are you and why aren’t you asking these questions.

People on reddit need medical help. I'm serious.

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lmao. Sarah Palin made that industry millions

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It's hard to even explain because of how delusional they are.

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What a beautiful thing it is for Justice Barrett to be sworn in on Hillary Clinton's birthday. Congrats on the Senate for taking only 38 days to get the job done.

Truly a day to celebrate!

My comment was not appreciated on redacted

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Historic. Amy Coney Barrett has just become the first Smoking Hot Justice of the Supreme Court.


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It's official! Beautiful moment at the White House.

Negative 40 in 2 minutes on redacted lol

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