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Reddit is the 6th most visited website in the United States and you aren't allowed to be a Trump supporter there. People on the right are being purged off all social media platforms. The President of the United States himself is being censored. Hence the EO.

This is the first post I've made about reddit on here, you fucking brain dead retard.

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You need it explained to you why people care about mass internet censorship? The President himself signed an EO addressing it.

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A Russian wife, double reeee

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Hahahaha!! damn i love Rasmus Paludan danish politician! He say to a leftist terrørist woman that her Home country Iran is a shithole country, and that she's a [email protected] to western people! Omg Thank you Rasmus! You made my day! (UK)

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Or you could compare the drastic difference between both Washington’s in the graph to see the point I was making. Or compare the Republican NJ line, the state that has the 2nd most cases in the country, to the democrat Minnesota one which is a state among the fewest cases.

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$300,000,000 for "refugee resettlement"

Is this really true?

Fucking outrageous.

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JUST A CERTAIN SECT OF THE GOP YA'LL..but don't worry "several citizens" disagree with the strategy.

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Snarky faggot. It was the first result and I was in a rush to load it for a drive.

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Interesting people are being told of a 1 in 4 false negative when false positives are a major issue and probably driving a lot of the hysteria. Also why you see perfectly healthy people (like NBA players) being told they have it.


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Pence gave a slight grin when POTUS said "Deep State Department" lmao

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How bout that dumb cunt sticking up for Peter lmao so cringe. Did any of those losers in that room stick up for Chanel after she got blasted on social media for asking an actual legitimate question ? NO!

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