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separation of church & state is a core tenet of this country. We are free to believe in any religion but nothing past that

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you're a dumbass, the nurses were forced to be locked in with the patients and risked a higher viral load infection. They blew off some steam working 12-hour shifts with some dancing

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Hamilton, the foxiest of the Federalists

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how would they put a microchip in you without you noticing

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looks like the vaccine is finally ready, the end of this nightmare is finally over

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We have a similar tradition- our grandfather lost the civil war in China and their troops were scattered. As he fled and crossed the river his friends and family were cut down in the water by the Communist farmers and peasant recruits. But he survived and escaped and started a new family, and we retell the story every thanksgiving

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you're the kind of dictator we hate.

Don't you dare take away my Sunday Gunday and Melania Mondays. I'll post whatever the fuck I want. Fuck your noise

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...yeah but you can't audit or recount an electoral vote....

The whole point of discussing audits/recounts are for the popular vote. David is saying thousands of votes were unlawful, but that's not going to make a difference even if they change them all to Trump votes.

The number we need to find is 5 million. Find those 5 millions incorrectly cast votes, and we clinch the presidency.

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this needs to be reworded: thousands of votes are actually not going to make a difference in any kind of audit or recount.

The difference is currently 6 million votes. We need to find out SPECIFICALLY what happened to the other 5,900,000 votes

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