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Biden really did a number on that twerp Ryan 8 years ago. Couldn't stand either one of them, but if you go back and watch that debate it's obvious how far Joe has declined.

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NPC's will not be amenable to counter-argument based on reason or facts. The die is cast for them. I don't think this story will change 100 votes in the whole country.

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Tactically stupid on their part to release such a nothing burger. Would have suited their purposes better to just let Biden make wild accusations and stoke speculation.

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"The law also requires officers to address transgender inmates based on the pronouns of their choice. And it requires officers to search inmates based on the search policy of their gender identity."

So now female officers must search "transwomen." I foresee a lot of horny male inmates identifying as ladies to get a complimentary pat-down from the lady guards. Nice.

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They'll trot him out doped up on stimulants. Will probably have to recuperate for a week after before emerging from his basement again.

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He should cut off his dad, but only for raising such a fat faggot of a son.

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If you're not strong enough to raise your wife's boyfriend's son, you're not strong enough to be an Army Ranger.

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Very cool, but I may wait to get one with the new justice's face on it, surrounded by crying libs. Hopefully they make that.

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Meghan McCain: "My father lives RENT-FREE in Donald Trump's head!!"

Me: "I know something that lived rent-free in John McCain's head..."

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The fake news told me a few days ago all his Nevada events were canceled. Drudge had a very ominous headline about it... (trash site, I know)

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I used to think it was funny to joke about rapists, pedos, and career criminals getting killed or maimed for life. I still do, but I used to, too.

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Get bloodwork done every year or two. I discovered last year that my vitamin D levels were extremely low, despite getting sunshine. Now I take a supplement every day and feel much better.

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cover of darkness for cowardly deeds.

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