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Republicans are fucking done with RINOs and pussies who are content being reactive and who have done nothing in the last 70 years to stop the progressive march off the cliff. We know the edge is very near now, too.

Might be a great sign of things to come if this beast wakes the fuck up.

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Throw other crap in there like blankets and crap, then just put a couple inches of ammo on top for the pic.

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Just because some kids 19 year old friend likes him doesn't speak to anything.

Boom. I'm an old Marine NCO. I don't know anyone who loves Mattis anymore but a few libs.

u/TrumpTrain425 doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about. Probably some fat-necked flat-footed pussy who never shuts up about how he "would have served if if if..." every time he's around real men.

The retard thinks the military makes its own budget and talks about who an NPC is. Useful retard, little else. Probably doesn't even know the Constitution or how lobbying congress and defense contracting works.

TBH, he sounds a little like a ChiCom faggot.

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98% of Democrats believe it was rigged but don't care because they love their ideology more than they love our nation.

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Oh please do!!!

It'll cost me a $250 windshield to stop some threats and clear a path. Not worried a'tall.

Time to end ANTIFA the way we ended ISIS.

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He has followers? If they can figure out where I live they can come give me a visit!

They won't even make it to the driveway, my neighbors are ready for some shit.

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It's as much about putting the proper respect for the crime in perspective as it is justice. We're an island on this Earth now. It has to be protected.

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This guy's like the John the Baptist character. A little wacky, but holy shit does he make some accurate and tragic predictions.

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I want this proven in court. I want it ruled on by SCOTUS.

Then I want the pendulum to swing the other way on these treasonous scumbags, and I want their lives.

Treason is still a capital offense. This is war against the people and LAW of the United States.

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If you say so.

There won't be a 2024 while I breathe if the commies take the offices in 2020. The globalists can take this Great Reset and "shove it up ya ass. All up in ya ass." "With a candle on it." "All the way up inside your butthole, Morty. All the way in there."

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Why can't I see the tweets here in TD anymore? I fucking revile Twitter and I hate clicking in. It's a cesspool of leftist circle jerking promoted to the highest responses to his tweets like that worm Gutterman.

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Cool this is the part I know how to deal with. Thanks, guys, for paying for a war in a 3rd world shithole that shall remain unnamed where I got to learn from the most advanced asymmetric warfighters in the world.

These pantifa twats are foies gras in comparison.

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It's a tough spot

We need interstate investigative powers esp. for dealing with legit terror networks, organized crime, interstate gangs, and foreign entities operating within US borders.

We don't need the FBI.

We need an intelligence gathering organization that works abroad using whatever means necessary to protect US interests, but they also need direct oversight by the people and be completely banned from operating on US soil against US citizens, or US citizens abroad without a warrant.

We don't need the CIA.

We need a surveillance machine that is on the cutting edge of being able to gather signal intelligence but also be completely banned from gathering ANY information on US Citizens without a warrant.

We don't need the NSA.

We need a court capable of issuing warrants for legitimate law enforcement and national security operations, that absolutely CANNOT be secret and operate in the shadows without judicial or representative oversight.

We don't need the FISC.

The Patriot Act killed the Bill of Rights. It is defacto null right now. Every iteration since has just gotten progressively worse.

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The media is complicit and when it comes time for trials every swinging dick and labia in the MSM from the fucking interns up should face trial.

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I'm glad they are here. It means they might be exposed to some nugget that starts an avalanche of their leftism falling apart.

I've always been Constitutionalist Conservative, but a ton of people on here are former Bernie Bros and ex-Dems and I'm happier for them being here than anyone else.

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I have that URL memorized. Thanks internet.

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I would love nothing more than to have it revealed that this entire time they were running a massive sting and he's been busy protecting the Republic.

I'd also love to win the lotto.

Shit's not happnin. XD

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I love you pedes.

Crowdsourced evidence gathering in an era where the government is at best crippled, inefficient and slow and at worst compromised by globalists.

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All three of those guys look weak-willed as fuck.

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Exactly. I don't give two shits how they feel. Let's expose the corruption, certify the election for Trump, and handle anyone who wants to get out of hand swiftly and brutally.

I am loyal to that Constitution. It's not even about Trump for me, as unpopular as that is to say around here. These globo-homos are only alive because we respect the laws they piss on.

I don't just want this election. I want justice for the attempt to destroy my nation by these fucking Commie assholes. I want to scare the living fuck out of anyone who even thinks about usurping this nation again. I want the CCP to tremble in their silk jammies at night wondering if this is the night their little fiefdom comes crashing down from orbit. I want the perpetrators of this coup hanging from lightposts from DC to LA. I want Soros' great-grandchildren to change their names the way Hitler's family did, out of shame and fear. I want the names Clinton, Obama, Bush, Soros, and Rothschild to carry such heavy shame that the innocent of those lines change their names and disavow and those names die on the pile in History. I want the Clintons rotting in a federal jail cell, because death would spare them the humiliation. I want Obama in the darkest corner of the darkest cell. I want all these FBI etc. agents who were complicit to be executed in the Mall televised by every outlet after we do the same to the CEOs and boards of these media companies who enabled it all.

I want ever Twitter faggot and Reeedit cunt to delete their accounts out of fear that the shit they showed will get back to them and there might be consequences for their criminal actions that they so proudly displayed.

I want total victory.

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That was all the proof anyone here should have needed that it was a dead network.

Another compromised media outlet. Yawn.

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I love this kind of forethought and planning. We haven't hit crescendo yet.

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