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That's an interesting observation. I'm very very late Boomer or very early X'er depending what you wanna call it. My mom was a left-wing semi-hippie who hated mainstream American life, older people, religion, etc. You couldn't disagree with her politically at all or you'd see the exact same behavior as with modern SJW/leftists - cutting you off, calling people names, screeching. It's hard to convey but the parallels are striking. It's like a disease with very specific symptoms.

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Screenshotted for posterity!

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Me too. I get stressed and tired trying to run the household plus a small cottage business, and I think, fuck, that's .0000001% of what the president has to deal with.

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Secret Alabama fan here from neighboring state. I love how you guys stick your collective middle finger up to the lefties.

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Awesome! My husband was kind of non-political but had voted democrat in the past and probably would have again. We used to watch CNN and after the gay marriage decision came down (which I'm not necessarily against) I told him, "ah hell, that's all they're going to talk about 24/7 for the next 3 weeks, let's look at Fox". And now he hates the fake media and will vote Trump!

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Okay I'm no spring chicken and hate when older people are assumed to have dementia, but what the fucking fuck. This guy needs an intervention.

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You're 100% correct - I've always said there's nothing worse than old women libbies. Source - grew up in coastal California where there was no escape from them.

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Me too. I will have nothing to do with modern "feminism". I'm all for equal opportunity, etc., but it's disturbing the way these people fetishize their own vaginas.

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I love it. Like the other commenter says Nashville and Memphis are blue but it is only mildly annoying to me. God, it's great to be able to give my approximate location, unlike that other site.

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Ex-Californian here too. (Well, left many decades ago for other reasons, but will never go back) If it doesn't work out come to Tennessee. State sales taxes, but no income tax.

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Me too. I'm not jealous at all, that would be like being jealous of an angel.

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Lady here who will soon have her first! Best Christmas gift ever.

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It is. I used to enjoy the askreddit and the like...for a while now every damn day there's something like "What do you hate about Americans" or "How is your country better than America". Tired of it.

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I've just been lurking since reddit suspended the account I used for T_D for "suspicious activity". Fuck 'em. I just figured I'd wait until it migrated. Glad to be here.