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It’s actually a really good question, not to be dismissed. If we are saying we are willing to shut down the economy to save a hundred thousand lives, why don’t we outlaw driving? Heck, think how many lives would be saved by just telling people they can never go outside for anything. This is ridiculous, and I think it is retarded to destroy 10s of millions of jobs and small businesses for a couple hundred thousand people. Many of these small businesses are never coming back, and they worked their whole lives to build up their business.

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If “responsibility” means I have to do what you say or you take away my freedom, then I really never had any freedom.

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Resveratrol is the compound in red wine. I think you are referring to remdesivir from Gilead. Not sure that is going to work though, but we will know shortly because trials are underway. This article from yesterday does not sound great https://www.statnews.com/pharmalot/2020/03/13/gilead-coronavirus-covid19-clinical-trials/

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you are just mad because Session's failure and Trump's clear statements about Session's failures prove your stupid Q conspiracy stuff wrong, and you know it. So you have to cling on, because you want Q stuff to be true, even though it clearly isn't. By saying "we only know what we are told, and during times of war...", you are actually saying "there is nothing that can happen that will make me change my mind because I believe in something that isn't supported by facts and what we know and what keeps happening". Didn't Q also say to "trust horowitz and the IG report?" and that the "2018 midterms were safe?" And didn't he want us to "trust Huber"? lol

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The same Q that said the 2018 midterms were safe? The same ones that said trust Sessions? Or trust Huber?

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Still don’t understand the lack of need for donations. This isn’t free to run a website and have security and hosting. Where is the money coming from?

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I don’t think there is anything close to 30k here yet. When we get there in a few weeks, this place is going to be freaking awesome tho. Cloudfare is the problem tho- it doesn’t take a genius to see that being a problem

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Tell me how to donate please. If you make it clear where the money is going, this community will support this site. We understand running something like this isn’t free, and we are going to be targeted by everyone eventually.