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That fact that it hasn't boggles my mind that people are willing to lose money

because to some companies its about propaganda.. they are willing to sacrifice money and resources to propagandize.

nike, cbs, cnn, vice, vox, pg, dicks.. etc all lost money, had to layoff staff but that dont stop em from being woke.

you dont find fox, oann, dailycaller, wsj, fedex, chikfila (aka based companies) to lose money nor laying off. yet they are still under tremendous pressure to bow down to the mob.

its about control and power to these people.

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should rely on science..

science clearly says..

bruh you sound like those global warming people.

if you think science "clearly" says something then list it out.

and the nurture vs nature debacle has been studied sooo many times the science is absolutely not "clear" nor "settled" at all.

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I grew up in Stone Mountain - Clarkston area and I can tell you literally none of the locals gave a f about this.

They marched within the road near the city of Stone Mountain and not on a nearby highway (GA 10 Memorial Dr) so really its just for show for the camera and didn't affect or show off to the locals at all.

Stone Mountain area is already 95% black. It is hard press to find a white person here let alone a white supremacist. I doubt they'd do this dumb shit in Forsyth county or Hall or Fanning (the mountain counties).

Basically a psy ops and photo ops.

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theres just something attractive about conservative people in general.

im gay but i gotta admit she looks really sexy for a woman, especially at her age.

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there has been an agenda to attack "car" in civil engineering world.

im a civil engineer working for a state DOT and 99.99% of the time to relieve traffic we increase capacity (aka build more lane).

however in some part of the state the local munis want to do the complete opposite: restrict veh lane, increase public transportation (that is a massive $$ drain), install traffic calming devices unnecessarily.

in engineering school we are also "taught" that car is evil and everyone should be like the netherlands riding bikes everywhere or taking public transport. there are more to that such as: social issue, housing affordability, job, flat vs hilly terrains etc. but none of that was actually taught at school. rather its just about increasing density.

anyhow, my 2c.

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This shooting happened in the "Uptown" area of Minneapolis. It's the "hip, trendy" area, not Somalia or ghetto.

they deserve it.

they all deserve it.

cities can rebuild, ideology cannot. let them take the black pill. idgaf.

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did kentucky really cut the number of polling stations by 95% and why?

can somebody gimme the "real" news version?

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