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I'm a former drug user myself. His behavior reminded me of someone mixing cocaine and heroin, what we used to call a speed-ball. They found fentanyl and meth in his system so you are probably right the combination of the morphine/fentanyl junk and methamphetamine put him in a real agitated state.

Plus, despite what the folks in this thread are saying, marijuana is no joke, especially with the medical grade it is easy to get these days.

Seems fairly obvious he had a drug induced freak out, and the added stress of a police confrontation and his heart just couldn't take it.

Black pilled memes aside, I am a soft touch, and I do feel bad for George Floyd. Yes he was a criminal. Yes he made shitty choices that led him to his fate. But as some one who has had my own share of rough days I wish it could have gone another way. I wish these men valued their lives. I wish they were raised in communities that taught them self respect. I wish we didn't have a government that sees them as props come election year and then discards them the moment they are no longer of use.

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So they are using the constitution to burn the constitution. Smart. Like really very smart.

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are you kidding? Africa is a shithole.

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Julia is a very special pede with autism. You have to be patient with her. She is smart and pretty and responds well to patriotism and spicy memes.

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These pretzels are making me thirsty.

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These bears are clearly smarter than your average bear.

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we are having a field day with this cuck in discord rn

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Juan Torruella, a Reagan appointee who dissented in part; Rogeriee Thompson, an Obama appointee who wrote the opinion; and William Kayatta, who is also an Obama appointee

well that explains that, of course judges appointed by a Muslim are going to protect a Muslim. Surprised they didn't release him an order his elevation to the US House.

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Who’s your favorite kpop idol?

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