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Well imma just hope and pray for a miracle cure my pede. We can’t afford to lose a patriot like you!

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its part of the shareblue network run by DNC operative David Brock. They run r againsthatesubreddits and were part of the reddit move to yeet T_D.

Discord is next, but after Trump wins the election in two weeks it won't matter.

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here is the article if you feel like losing a few brain cells

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TheDonald group initially emerged on Reddit before they were banned for advocating violence against law enforcement figures and government officials

Fake News. We love our police!

The group also shared content from white nationalist figures and helped promote the deadly 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia

Never happened. Wasn't a single sticky or uptrumped post promoting. We all knew it was a LARP.

VICE News contacted all the members of TheDonald who posted pictures of polling manuals to confirm their claims. Two responded by saying “fuck off” while another member replied in the form of a screenshot of their response in Russian, which said: “Burn in hell.”

kek well done lads

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Hey u/eatonfools you wanna get on a zoom call with me and a few other guys tomorrow?

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Generational poverty and social stagnation has lead to three driving constants among black Americans.

  • muh gibs
  • muh dick
  • fuck whitey

The votes the Dems are trying to get are people who won’t vote for a white man. They are counting their chickens before they’ve hatched and stolen a bicycle.

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