anonymous [S] 1 point ago

Now we need coat bot (doesn't matter who was responsible for it, mods or not). It was a way to welcome a new pede who was redpilled. We need this.

anonymous [S] -4 points ago

Michael Bloomberg approves of this post. And paid for it to make gun owners look bad. Get outta .win, trolls.

anonymous [S] 1 point ago

Same error here on both Opera and FF on Android:


anonymous [S] 0 points ago

Also having problem on FF on Android. Tried that too. Won't work on jpg or png.


anonymous [S] 5 points ago

The browser version functions the same as an app would. Just bookmark the site on your phone.

anonymous [S] 2 points ago

Funny thing is that Drudge headline is for the UK. WHAT IDIOTS ARE RUNNING DRUDGE?

anonymous [S] 4 points ago *

Holy shadilay! Look between the branches and trunk of that tree. A rare Pepe can be found!


anonymous [S] 3 points ago

It is. They're trolling by posting that article or it was hacked.

anonymous [S] 3 points ago

RSBN has been there for us since the beginning when no one was. We have their backs.

anonymous [S] 9 points ago

We wondered why Sondland equivocated in his testimony suddenly....he was blackmailed. Apparently he didn't go far enough against Trump for their liking...

anonymous [S] 27 points ago

It's real. And that's actually the Drudge account. Drudge allegedly sold the operation to David Brock a year ago, who has been slowly trying to concern troll conservatives into despondency.

Part of the deal of sale required Drudge's silence.

Here's a screenshot of the same Twitter account 2 years ago:


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