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Should be a post limit imo. If you're making posts (Not comments.) every 5 minutes, there is an issue.

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Good work techside. Might want to advertise your backups again, just in case. This site may have saved the Republic.

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If you can fly the boosters a few times, they are very cost effective. There is a reason SpaceX charges less money to put stuff into space than anybody else.

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I read an interview where Sanderson said he thinks he messed up some of the characters, especially in part 1.

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Robert Jordan who wrote Wheel Of Time died before he finished his series, somebody else finished the series. He did leave a bunch of notes though.

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The umpire known as the Supreme Court will not agree when they see the evidence.

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They are not smart enough to do that. Plus, that would imply Trump got hardly any votes.

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If the media was not biased, you would not need Trump, because the crazy lefties would not exist. You would just have normal people arguing about 5% tax rate or 6% tax rate.

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Corn Pop was a good dude, Joe Biden lied about him.

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I am trying to find it, but my ability to DDG things is limited. I have no idea where to look for court documents like this.

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If she can prove that, it is game over tbh. Whoever paid that money is totally fucked.

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