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...fuck them into outer space.

Oh, I’m definitely stealing that one.

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Drop the fucking melodrama.

Traffic has increased because people are home and want to see what’s going on. So they come here.

Take a fucking Xanax already.

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...power wash the sand off the beach.

I’m definitely stealing that one.


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I’d need to have seen a lot more westerns to properly imagine that.

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Nice desert you got here. Be a shame if somethin’ happened to it.

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Which would mean that gold mining, gold confiscation, or any other number of things could have a direct impact on international currency markets.

Inflation is a red herring. Especially in the US. Most people have debt. Inflation is good for people who are in debt. You’re paying off more expensive dollars with less expensive dollars. The only people who get fucked are those without debt and money in a mattress.

There is no scenario where gold-backed currency makes any sense now.

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I tried to think of any VPOTUS that wasn’t evil, an asshole, or an unknown. I stopped when I hadn’t found one at FDR.

Pence is fucking great.

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Again. Totally arbritrary.

So, wedding rings are done, pretty much all jewelry. No gold contacts for high precision electronics. No gold for just about anything except an obsolete monetary regulator.

To recapitulate: anything like this is limited, arbitrary, and pointless. If you can legislate gold backing at a price, you can undo it. Just like you can a sensible monetary policy that actually works for the modern global economy.

ampedUpAlligator [S] 2 points ago to president at all.

This is the sort of useless, cockless, pantywaist that says “adulting is hard”.

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  1. No, that’s retarded. The best you could do would be an impeachment, maybe a civil suit, or very bad press.

  2. Quit whining like a high school girl that didn’t get asked to prom. Want to bitch about the asshole: cool. Want to call him a scumbag: great. Want to say he should be hung from a lamppost: alright by me. But please fucking stop with the “well, if I tried that I’d be put in jail” shit. It makes it sound like it’s your first fucking rodeo.

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Historical reasons primarily.

But in modern times the idea is that since it’s a finite resource, it acts as a regulator for the money supply. As such:

  • platinum: I suppose, it’s rare enough but not too rare
  • copper: too much of it to be all that useful even if it’s still too comparatively valuable to make an entire penny out of
  • uranium: only naturally occurs in oxides and is a bitch to refine (and it makes scary weapons so it’s not available to every country)
  • plutonium: doesn’t naturally occur and is effectively priceless (also makes scary weapons)

The reason this is all important is that a backed currency requires that whatever is backing it is in a vault somewhere. That doesn’t necessarily require that a note be redeemable for the commodity, but it does have to be in a vault/fortress/whatever in large enough amounts to regulate the money supply.

As such, you could accomplish the same thing with decent laws/policies. Things get complex with regard to Forex, but they always do.

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...congregate in a singular location.

This guy has a fantastic manner of speaking.

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...10,000 an ounce...

That’s just as arbitrary and changeable as anything else.

The petro dollar has propped up a lot of stupidity for many decades, but that’s starting to be heavily eroded. Especially after the opening of the Iranian Oil Bourse.

Abolishing the Fed and a decent monetary policy could accomplish the same thing as a backed currency with far less problems.

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You can always tell a Harvard man, you just can’t tell him much.


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Know what, fine.

You’re going to tell me that there’s plenty of gold to back all global currencies?

Everybody’ll switch over tomorrow:

No contraction?

No effect on liquidity?

No wars, economic or otherwise, to build up national gold reserves?

Do you have any idea at all what you’re talking about besides some soundbite you once heard from a gold bug?

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Oh bullshit.

The value of all the gold ever mined is less than 7.5 trillion dollars.

The US gdp is just under 20 trillion dollars.

How the fuck are you going to run a global economy whose value is far bigger than gold can effectively back?

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The resolution is just enough to find the bunny.

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And that global warming would’ve killed us all by 2015.

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there once was a man from Bristol

who decided to tongue a toilet bowl

he said “it won’t happen to me,

just you wait and see”

now he’s Kung Flu from his lips to his asshole

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