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Meh, Lindsay Graham is too busy trying to backdoor all encryption to give a shit about "fighting back". Especially since he'd have to fight himself, given he's a swamp rat.

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Death is a preferable alternative to communism.

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Cue stick in bicycle spokes meme.

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Why not both?

Democrats got all their poison pills into this such that it's just a different name for NAFTA. Celebrating a name change to that garbage treaty is silly.

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Because it has a bunch of poison pills in it. It's basically the same as NAFTA. Democrats will be happy they got all the stuff they wanted put into it though.

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The country is already divided. Because we imported 80 million hostile foreigners.

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Look up "COVI-PASS", it's not a literal chip in your hand but it is a digital ID and does have your vaccine history in it. The US already agreed to implement it.

Look for the Zerohedge article. It's happening buddy.

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Yeah it's a good idea to do it if you don't mind getting rid of the content. It completely screws up threads cause all your replies will be missing, even if they delete them afterward or whatever.

Just remember to do that rather than straight deleting the account, because the sneaky fuckers just put "[deleted]" as the username and leave your comments intact if you just delete the account rather than nuking all the comments first.

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Hello Holodomor or Weimar Germany, which this situation is a lot more similar to.

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If you believe in the system of justice you probably aren't paying attention.

If it was you handing out ARs on video instead of Raz Simone or whoever, the FBI would have been on site shooting you in the head before you could blink.

But because it's a BLM thug, no action is taken, and he probably won't even be charged much less face arrest.

they hate each other and will quickly turn on each other.

They haven't yet. They didn't when the Weather Underground was doing similar things in the 60s and 70s. They closed ranks and protected eachother, and now many of those same convicted terrorists are in extremely high and powerful positions of the federal and state bureaucracy.

We don't need to look for a fight

It's here whether we look for it or not.

Vigilantism isn't the answer just keep being a decent person and looking to help your fellow man when you can as we'll win through our love.

You're right, vigilantism implies lone wolf tactics. What we should be doing is forming militias and helping everyone protect their communities from attack.

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I mean... are they, though? Antifa is still around even though they've been being violent since 2016 and even before. They routinely are ignored by law enforcement, have all their charges dropped etc.

BLM assassinated 5 police officers in Dallas, and half a dozen (or more) recently. They're still around, frequently are ignored by law enforcement or have charges dropped, and are celebrated nationwide and internationally by every corporation on the planet.

They're not destroying their movement, far from it. They're teaching their side that they can burn loot and murder with impunity.

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I make a living so I can provide for my family.

Incidentally, you make a living so half of it can be stolen and given to these violent thugs, and that goes for all actual taxpayers.

It's long past time for a tax revolt.

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Yeah they make something like $37bn/yr off these vaccines, are legally immune from any damage they cause to people who take them (instead, you, the taxpayer is on the hook via the vaccine injury court, and if you haven't heard of that, yes, it's a real thing, and they've paid out billions of your tax dollars already), have armies of shills whose job it is to tell people they sould give their newborn just out of the womb infant a bunch of vaccines, and up to 50+ by age 6.

But we're expected to believe they don't have an agenda.

When I was a kid the entire "vaccine schedule" was like 3-4 vaccines, spaced apart over more than a year, after you were already like 10+ years old.

Now they claim if you don't want to inject a literal day-one-newborn with vaccines you're a monster or something. Or if you don't want your age 1-6 kid being given 10+ vaccines per year you're "anti-science".

Well, sorry folks, the science does not hold up, that's bullshit. That's dangerous and can fuck your kid up, don't do it.

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