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americathegr888 [S] (2 points)

As long as he's offering enough gibs they won't care.

americathegr888 [S] (3 points)

Go ahead and name any of these people that have ever demonstrated any concern or loyalty for American interests. I'll wait.

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In the 4 years that Trump has been president, 4 million new leftist legal immigrants (legal immigrants vote left for life at 70-90% rates) have come into the country. We're at a dangerous time because the right is too busy talking about "muh based minorities" (who also vote left @ 70-90% rates) to be against replacement immigration.

By 2024 they will form a bloc that comprises the majority of ALL voters, and they don't share American values at all.

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Meanwhile he never met a war he doesn't want other Americans to fight for his home country of Israel.

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Our country is completely dead, bois. We live in a socialist hellhole in all but name. The law exists to impede legal, legacy Americans while giving unlimited handouts to legal and illegal invaders from the third world.

americathegr888 [S] (4 points)

Then, they co-opt, bribe, or blackmail the leadership in those parties.

PragerU, TPUSA, Ben Shapiro...

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The broader question is why this mother was sending her kid to an adult Hollywood party in the first place, presumably unsupervised.

That said I agree anyway. I don't trust anyone from Hollywood.

americathegr888 [S] (2 points) *

It's not concern trolling, unless you really are so naive you think third world socialists vote conservative.

They don't.

Legal immigrants vote 70-90% Dem for life. Why should we bring in more of them?

And even if they weren't Dems for life (which they are), bringing them in just lowers wages for AMERICAN CITIZENS.

Are you anti-America First? If not then you should be against this.

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Yeah great, now she's free to get more people hooked on drugs, and help her cartel kill more.

americathegr888 [S] (2 points)

Nadler, Schiff and Schumer should all just be deported to their home country.

americathegr888 [S] (3 points)

Meh I'm still not convinced he's not just controlled opposition practicing taqiyya .

Zero Muslims should be allowed in any Western country, they have 50+ countries to choose from already.

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They gave him permanent brain damage, too from what I recall.

Blacks do this 600,000 times per year to whites and rarely get charged with anything substantial for it.

I'm getting real fucking tired of their shit. If people knew the kind of sick murder, torture and rape they did on a regular basis we wouldn't hear so much "muh based blacks" bullshit.

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Just deport him to his home country. He's not even American.

americathegr888 [S] (9 points) *

Was just about to say the same thing verbatim.

Post the military to the border and shoot on sight. Fuck these subhuman invading scum.

They don't bother to do this in their own countries to fix their government because they know they won't get to steal from white taxpayers that way.

americathegr888 [S] (7 points) *

Just wait till 2024 when legal immigrants who vote Dem for life at a rate of 70-90% are the majority of voters...

They're going to implement reparations, hate speech laws, gun bans and gulags, just watch.

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