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Said it before and i'll keep sayin it...they know he'll lose. They're strongly goin after the Senate and House. 'Biden up in the polls' is a distraction to keep money in Trumps campaign and out of vulnerable Senate Repubs. I'm in Fla and we dont have a Senate seat up this year. If your Senator is up for election... even if they're rinos... you have GOT TO VOTE FOR THEM.!!!

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"...and bring their donuts to me when you're done!!"

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Hubby hit the jackpot when he found this one!!

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Cool. Will be seein Scarlett Johansson doin bj scenes for money soon. I might watch her stuff then!

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McConnell and senate repubs know who it is. Its why romney and murk have appeared to sign on. If McConnell didnt think one of th nominations would get thru at this point he would tell Trump. That's a big part of who it will be

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Do you guys remember after impeachment when Romney voted to indict and there was pressure on McConnell to take action against mittens but McConnell said something to the extent of nah no worries because the important one is the next vote. Well this is that next vote. So i think mitch knows he'll get the vote

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She knows. She'll say what shes sayin to keep the press from harassing her so much but when it comes time to vote she'll vote or she'll lose and she knows it.

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They may even trot Mcain's and Elijah Cummings coffins back out and make it a trifecta

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he's blowin em all too soon. FCC's equal time means Trump gets same amount of commercial time and he'll blitzkrieg them in a few weeks. I'm seein same on a few other channels.

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look...behind closed doors Trump, McConnell, Graham etc have known her condition, and probably even how much longer she had... and have talked strategy. This isnt some surprise and they've got a plan. Need to not wimp out on it now

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collins will lose her election if she doesnt vote.

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would have been fantastic if he coulda visited the 2 sheriffs in the hospital!! Busy as hell schedule though so totally understandable

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if he actually has one it will be full because the DNC will pay people to be there for the optics. no brainer there. Or if its a college town just giveaway free pizza and they'll come

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