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gab.wi.cov is government accountability board wisconsin which was disbanded few years ago, they just left a dead link on sos' website

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Why link that propaganda piece that only lists ad-hominems and outright lies instead of showing the evidence?

https://www.deepcapture.com/2020/11/election-2020-was-rigged-the-evidence/ (Patrick Byrne's website)

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Let's not spam them with one image only, let's show them more of the evidence

https://i.maga.host/dkzHQzp.png (Dominion's founder cousin spilling the beans)

https://i.maga.host/1HoKDfr.png (Texas certification fail)

https://i.maga.host/rpou66i.png (Texas certification fail #2 - connected to internet)

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In democrat-runs cities and their election officials this can only trigger china virus getting more deadly and observers forced to move another 6ft from the tables.

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I would not expect thousand of ballots for indefinitely confined voters to be issued by the same person.

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Antonio Mugica UK company listing https://archive.is/aRAKj

Antonio Mugica wikipedia https://archive.is/CtkXT

Antonio Mugica wikipedia before elections https://archive.is/BnkTD

bloomberg profile https://archive.is/nlLpx

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Are there more than those 2 typos in the whole document?

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Court response: Well, yes, you were not allowed to observe so what there is no federal law that says you must be allowed to observe. And, well, because you were not allowed to observe you have no evidence of large scale fraud. Bye.

Why the fuck would you not steal the election when court rules like this ?

It's really just like in communist countries where court just stamp The Party's actions.

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The original evidence is enough though, impartial court would never reject the case claiming no enough evidence.

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Of course they are not allowed to. They must sit 3ft+ from the table and can only observe what the poll workers are doing (not verifying signatures) and can only raise objections, and when they raise an objection they are bullied. And then the objection is overturned by the commission. You can watch it live https://vimeo.com/user114421785

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Rule #1 "Trump Supporters. This is The Donald. Our community is a high-energy Trump rally. There are no exceptions."

I see no problem with the title. This is not a impartial news site, this is a high-energy Trump rally, nothing wrong with OP's post.

I know, there is currently not a better, more impartial news source than TDW Trump rally so I get confused, at times, myself and expect 100% accurate reporting and quoatiotins here too :).

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Read Texas test reports of their voting machines.

Not surprised at all they use ftp servers.


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