a_chill_bro 5 points ago

The majority is silent because we are comfortable cowards.

We use our families and our jobs as an excuse to sit back and wait for others to lift a finger.

a_chill_bro 2 points ago

He believes this so profoundly with "every fiber" of his "being" that he needs to read it off a fucking screen.

This is an excellent illustration of how politicians say and do whatever they need to get elected. Biden is unraveling so completely that we are able to see behind the curtain of how narrative is constructed in the political sphere.

Believe nothing these people tell you, even Republicans. They are all lying to you.

a_chill_bro 6 points ago

A black hole is a collapsed star that pulls everything around it into itself, allowing nothing to escape or exist around it.

It is black because even light cannot escape it, making it invisible to the human eye, and thus, it’s black appearance.

If one is insulted by that, one does not have the emotional maturity to operate as a functional member of society, much less on any sort of council.

a_chill_bro 8 points ago

If you want proof the media collaborates to attack or protect presidential candidates look no further than the way they protect Joe Biden and smear Donald Trump.

a_chill_bro 1 point ago

American culture is functional. That’s why the majority of Americans don’t poop on the street. It’s in their best interest not to. That’s how they take care of themselves.

No poop laws are needed. In fact a private company could offer that service and be more efficient than the government at cleaning poop up in the event it does happen.

This is a cultural issue. Read through this a couple times if you have to before you start banging on your keyboard without thinking.

a_chill_bro 1 point ago

Listen, troglodyte: culture breeds behavior.

Just like black culture breeds violence. And radical Marxist culture breeds domestic terror, homeless drug addicts poop on the street.

It’s not twitter employees or working people pooping on the street in San Fran. Do you know that?

a_chill_bro 1 point ago

Rest of America isn’t out pooping on the street. If people aren’t breaking the law to begin with, there is nothing to enforce.


a_chill_bro 1 point ago

i guess it's not the government's role to make sure people don't shit and piss everywhere hmm?

You're actually correct here. It's technically not the government's role to make sure people don't "shit and piss everywhere." That's for each individual to decide. And as members of a society who mean well for themselves and one another, most don't engage in this behavior.

your opinions on what is and isn't the role of government are quaint and naive.

You must not think very highly of other people. If you did, you wouldn't believe that they need to be monitored with all these extra little laws.

People can take care of themselves. It's what this country was founded on.

a_chill_bro 0 points ago

masks don't improve public health.

and even if they did, it's not the governments role to enforce wearing them.

your little masks will be a thing of the past very soon, lmao.

a_chill_bro 4 points ago

I hate to say this but this guy is right.

The problem here is not the stores. It’s the executive orders being passed all across the country on state and city levels forcing us to wear masks.

We need to file lawsuits for a temporary injunction in each of our cities and states. We need our courts to do away with these executive orders once and for all.

a_chill_bro 6 points ago

Good luck trying to cut that seat belt while the driver speeds off with your arm. A lot of people are going to lose some limbs.

a_chill_bro 18 points ago

She's better off not going to college in all honesty. If that's how the school is going to be before she even starts classes, imagine how they are going to be once she actually starts going there.

Keep your money and invest it in something you love to do instead.

a_chill_bro 7 points ago

Yes. We're going to need to file lawsuits in each of our cities to have a court issue a temporary injunction against those mask orders.

This could get expensive. Perhaps start a GoFundMe?

a_chill_bro 7 points ago

Safety is boring. And Reddit is about to learn that the hard way.

Even the most devout leftist is going to get pretty tired of being in a bubble and knowing they are in one.

They are digging themselves into a grave.

a_chill_bro 6 points ago

I don't know about that. The reason Reddit was cool was because it used to be kind of a dangerous place. You used to be able to watch or read whatever you wanted without any censorship at all.

Even lefties like to read or watch dangerous content. Outrage is the new American pastime. So by banning the dangerous, controversial content, Reddit is burning through its user base.

I'm pretty sure most of those comments came from lefties. That's all that's left on Reddit now.

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