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Honestly when I see people like this I assume they have an autoimmune disorder or something. And if that is the case then go ahead and wear one. But if its just for virtue signalling then its a bit silly.

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Also no blood on the knife now that I'm looking closer...

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I'm fine with long appointments as law is something where experience is good. But force a retirement age at 75 or something.

Radical idea but I think there should be 29 justices. The system is kind of screwed at the moment with extreme power going into the hands of a few people who got picked at random points. We are so lucky that we got 3 SCOTUS in one Trump term. There is huge incentive to murder them (Scalia?) or blackmail them (Roberts on Epstein island) too.

If its 5-4 R-D nominated justices then it should be expanded to 16-13 R-D.

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Trump hate is huge in UK. Nearly all UK media just copies USA stories from AP/NYT. People in UK largely are unaware of anything happening in the riots. They also believe it was proven Trump colluded with Russia because UK news said so every day for 3 years then UK media did not report Meuller exonerated Trump

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That is brutal. I am so sorry. I have been dumped by girlfriends because I am right wing and their left wing friends turned GFF against me. But this is a whole other level.

I hate the whole "internet hug" thing but I feel so strongly hurt on your behalf

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Hillary and Bill did not concede on the night of the election.

They appeared the next day. Both wearing bright purple.

In Hillary's book she even mentioned the outfit - explaining it was to signify unity (red + blue = purple). This was obviously untrue - to this day she claims the election was rigged against her and questions the legitimacy of the election.

They wore purple in reference to the Purple Revolution, the color revolution of Iraq, which she was part of

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Here is one that just happened about an hour ago. Guy climbs on moving cop car and falls off. Everyone screams at police for "running him over"


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Are you talking to me (OP of this TDwin post) or the OP of the reddit post?

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Sorry to link direct to reddit. The OP actually clipped htis himself. I would download it and reupload to streamable but they banned me recently.

Anyone who wants to reupload to somewhere, please reply to this message.

Also /r/ActualPublicFreakouts is one of the few subreddits still worth looking at occasionally

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From low point in April to high point September 1st it increased 21.11/5.48 = 3.85x

If you want to be more conservative then looking at current low compared to highish pre riot numbers its 17.03/7.33 = 2.3x

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I disagree with child porn and all degeneracy. WAP and onlyfans all toxic evil. Maybe i was wrong to compare the two and say one was worse. Child porn is more evil , but it has all the attention and pushback right now and we are losing ground on other fronts.

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streamable has banned me so somebody please make a stramable mirror

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This is the kind of guy who can absolutely not afford to go bald. If he does he will be so fucked lol

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Outstanding read

Surprised NBC allowed it. Some of Twitter furious and was calling author a liar

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I wrote the following comment 6 weeks or so ago. It was when u/maxwellhill had not posted for 10 days or something.

A /r/worldnews mod said that u/maxwellhill was a malaysian man which has since been thoroughly debunked. They said the user had claimed they were busy with a new work contract and couldn't post to reddit for that reason. It has been 2 months and this reddit user has seldom gone 2 days without posting. They are the 8th highest karma user on reddit. Ghislaine went to a reddit party in 2011. u/maxwellhill has been posting for much longer.

Consider the fact that maxwellhill said their birthday was later than December 21st in the year (same as Ghislaine). Thats 2.5% odds.

Next, the user is clearly British and says 'bollocks' and 'colour', but also talks about living in America. That is a 0.5% chance (1.75 people living in USA are British people present on long term basis).

Now consider that in very late 2011 maxwellhill wrote that they were redditing less because they were starting a new business venture. Ghislaine started environmental agency TerraMarr in first half of 2012. About 5% of people start businesses and lets say 1% of people started a business in that timeframe.

Now consider maxwellhill's huge interest in the environment and activity in many smaller environment subs. Lets say 20% of people have that trait.

Assume independent variables and multiply all the odds together.

(0.5% * 0.25% * 1% * 20% * 100) * 330e6 = 825 There are 825 people in the USA matching that description.

Now consider the timing of her arrest and the timing of maxwellhill ceasing posting.

Consider the fact that Maxwell is in the username and Ghislaine grew up in a manor house called Headington Hill.

Maxwellhill has posted bizarre articles about decriminalising pedophilia (<5% of people would do such a thing in my estimates).

And Ghislaine attended the Kleiner Perkins Reddit party while maxwellhill was the number 1 poster on reddit.

And maxwellhill was pretty much a full time poster despite claiming to be in their 40s in a rare interview (though I beleive they lied about their age and gender in that interview, whereas the maxwellhill comments I am using for the other facts seemed very genuine (the birthday date is in a tiny comment thread about schizophrenia happening if you are born late in the year)). How many 40 year olds do not work full time, but also start businesses?

I can update probabilities if requested, and not all my variables are independent I know. But my point is that something like 1-5 people in the USA match much of this description.

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I got 500k Reddit and 240k here. It's grown way faster here

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Lewis Howard Latimer (1848–1928) was an African-American inventor who has been incorrectly called the inventor of the flush toilet, the light bulb and other useful things. A Civil War veteran, he worked for inventors Alexander Graham Bell, Hiram Percy Maxim and Thomas Edison. He was a skilled electrical expert.

He learned drafting at a patent law firm, then did patent drawings for Bell's telephone patent. I've found no evidence that he helped Bell invent it.

He invented an improved railway car toilet. But he did not invent a flush toilet, and his did not revolutionize the field. It just dumped the excrement on the tracks when the seat cover was closed.

He worked for Maxim, who was a light bulb making rival of Edison. Edison already had light bulbs in service under the Edison patent, but Latimer invented an improved filament and sold his patent to Maxim in 1881. In 1882 he patented another improvement. It was still a carbon filament, and those were replaced by tungsten filaments in the early 20th century

In 1884 Edison hired him as an expert to help with litigation about light bulb patents.

Latimer literally wrote the book on electric lighting: Incandescent Electric Lighting "Incandescent electric lighting," by L. H. Latimer, 1890, Van Nostrand.


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I put a big bet on the election being Kamala vs Trump back in April. I hope he is forced to step down as I will make a lot of money...

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"I am a racist. And I will do better."

"... great, but you know you are wearing black face and said the N word just a minute ago?!"

"Thats what I said. I will do better at being racist"

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Fun: scroll down to see perhaps 100 women disagreeing with Pelosi and saying they had to wear masks while in the salon.

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We dont know as the book isn't out. It seems like she just mentioned an amusing anecdote but the MSM are trying to make it look like Trump literally was pimping her.

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