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I deepfried it for fun

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2 more videos in that guys feed

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Not to mention everyone on the jury would have seen the original video of Floyd's death which looks much worse as it omits lots

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Man I remember last month when they said smoke bombs used by white house police were chemical weapons in breach of Geneva convention. Now when caught going to somebody's home to launch them smoke bombs are "toys"

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Daily mail is releasing it. The most viewed news website in the world. Even if YouTube and Streamable take it down daily mail hosts it and millions will see it.

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"I don't know what he is going to say but you can trust me I know he has been planing to say it for a year and I guarantee it's a lie even though I don't know what it is"

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I can't believe it. It was launched in MAY and it is now AUGUST. I could swear it was like 3 weeks ago. Wtf

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earplug not in deep enough

protect those ears pedes

you DONT want tinnitus trust me...

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Microsoft is the least SJW of the big tech companies. Bing actually shows ring wing articles unlike google. I've been impressed at what Zuckerberg has been doing lately too, though Facebook still has big censorship issues

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Someone put a burrito in Pepe's hand and coffee stains on his body

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I hope they do just because it will backfire hard and Trump can say this is what democrats will do to the country. But it's not fair on the many innocent normal people in Seattle who now must suffer

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Its Sam Hyde. He had a TV show called Million Dollar Extreme (MDE). It had extremely un-PC jokes.

He became kind of popular on 4chan. 4chan would then release fake tip-offs after mass-shootings or terror attacks that the identiy of the culprit was Sam Hyde. They would often alter his name to something new (for a suicide bomber it would be Samal Hayedee) and maybe photoshop him slightly. They succeeded in getting him reported as the culprit on a few local stations.

There is a small crossover between 4chan and T_D and some jokes cross from one domain to the other. This was one of those jokes

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It wasn't long ago you could see the CCP bots because their "!" character and "," character on their keyboards was somehow different unicode to ours. But they adapted fast and I never see those weird unicode characters anymore - I cant even find them to copypaste them here

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Great post, thanks for this insight!

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On July 22, 2016, Hillary Clinton introduced Kaine as her vice presidential running mate. The 2016 Democratic National Convention nominated him on July 27.

So its around now Biden would make a pick in theory

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It is not a Malaysian man. They talk about being America and they speak using british slang like "bollocks" and using british terms like "colour".

The only evidence it is a Malaysian man is that some guy posted a screenshot which can easily be faked.

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from https://web.archive.org/web/20180807022100/https://old.reddit.com/r/greatawakening/about/moderators/ moderators of r/greatawakening:

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