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The girly men will have a problem tomorrow: do they talk about Stone or do they continue to scream about Coronavirus?

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He admits that he misspoke. His statements had nothing to do with the meat of the investigation. Essentially, if the investigation was about Russia, he “misspoke” about the days he ate eggs for breakfast.

So, the question becomes: why do we allow politicians, big tech leaders, etc. to boldly lie to congress without any repercussions, but we are sending Stone to jail for “lying” about an immaterial question?

The deep state loves to catch people in a perjury trap. They trip you up, “catch you” in a lie, and then say “Give us what we want, or you’ll go to jail for perjury.”

It’s a slime ball tactic that would make the Mafia proud.

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I’ve always been conservative. Even so, I wasn’t red pilled. I believed the news/schools/government wasn’t lying.

My red pill moment was the 2016 election. I realized everything coming through my TV/Computer was a lie designed to get me to act certain ways.

So I started re-examining major moments (Missile Crisis, JFK assassination, Watergate, etc) to determine if I was taught a lie.

After reading more about Nixon, he was targeted to take the fall. The play they ran on him is similar to the one they ran on Trump. They knew Trump broke no law, but wanted to ensnare him in a lie/coverup. He didn’t take the bait, and they were furious.

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Romney outperformed McCain by a wide margin.

There was a huge appetite to replace Obama in 2012. Romney absolutely threw that election.

He disgusts me.

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Harry Truman created the CIA in the late 40s. By the early 60s, he had written a OpEd saying that the CIA had "outgrown its intended purpose" and was a threat to our government.

Ultimately, he regretted creating it.

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I was watching a doc on JFK. In his first 100 Days, he relied on the CIA and they embroiled us in the Bay of Pigs. It was a catastrophe for us.

After the dust settled, JFK called his dad. His Dad told him “Didn’t I tell you to never trust the intelligence community - especially the CIA?”

My jaw almost dropped. He was talking about a Deep State. That was in 1960. Imagine what monsters they’ve become in the intervening 60 years.

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I'm in my late 20s - and this will absolutely sounds like a boomerism: Everyone needs to learn some manners.

Manners formed the backbone of respect. My generation has been severely ill-mannered and it is creating decay in our country.

Think about this for a moment: what has "argument" turned into? It used to be that people could disagree with one another and just move on with their lives. There was an art to argument - to the point that Ancient Greeks and Romans devoted much of their studies to it. Now argument has devolved into a slam contest, where all you have to do is land the biggest insult. You want a border wall? WELL YOU'RE A RACIST. You think the NBA acted inappropriately by kowtowing to China? WELL FUCK YOU. The irony is, there is no argument when this happens. It's just a series of personal attacks.

Manners extend beyond argument. I was taught to respect authority figures - even if I didn't agree with them. Much of this revolved around "respect the office or the title, even if you don't respect the person." I could never bring myself to tell a Police Officer/Senator/President to go fuck himself. I respect the office they hold.

I have to question the motives, and rearing, of anyone who believes that belittling people makes them "win" arguments.

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One of the best takes on rap being fake came from The Sopranos. A rapper got shot and his popularity went through the roof.

So another rapper approached The Soprano family to shoot him so he could become famous, too.

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The H1N1 flu was one of the worst in recorded history.

Know why we didn’t have a crisis? Because the media didn’t report it.

Everything the media has done during this virus is create fear and panic. In no specific order, here are the most ridiculous things the media reported:

  1. The nation will run out of toilet paper.

  2. There will be 2M US deaths.

  3. There will be hundreds of millions of infected

  4. We need hundreds of thousands of ventilators or else people will die.

  5. There will be a food shortage.

  6. The virus will kill your pets.

  7. Don’t shake out your laundry. It will dislodge any virus particles you have on it and make it airborne.

  8. HCQ is unproven and should not be prescribed.

  9. A single sneeze can infect an entire supermarket, as it will travel up and down every aisle.

  10. There is a virus that looks and acts just like Kawasaki’s disease that is killing children. But we think it’s really coronavirus.

  11. Taking Advil puts you at an increased risk of getting the virus.

  12. Taking Prilosec puts you at an increased risk of getting the virus.

  13. Taking Pepcid may lower your risk of getting the virus.

  14. The virus may be racist.

  15. Only super specific masks can stop the virus. Ok, screw it. Just throw a rag on your face - it’s the exact same thing as the super specific masks.

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We’re at .26% mortality. The average flu is .10. A severe flu is .15-.20%

We never shutdown the nation because of a bad flu season. We never ran scared and covered our faces with masks.

Everything we see now is the result of panic, not reason.

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I remember when the pandemic hit that “experts” were saying it could live for weeks on surfaces.

Then, during a WH press conference, a researcher said “a few minutes/hours/one day on X/Y/Z.”

The MSM ridiculed him.

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I would want to know if those are confirmed coronavirus deaths or “probable”.

Odds are, a portion of them are “probable” - which is a new category invented to stoke fear.

Saying someone died of coronavirus without them testing positive for it is a colossal scam.

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In 4 months, 7300 people died. So, 1500 per month on a state that likely averaged that number anyway.

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They were all ICU capacity experts who thought hospitals had near empty ICUs before the virus.

Then hospital officials came out and said it is “normal” to have 80% capacity taken up on average days. So coronavirus was contributing to 20% of the “full capacity.”

Then poof no more ICU talk.

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They’re all ghouls who were hoping for bodies stacked in the streets.

It pains them to report new cases, but not new deaths.

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Also the Eggshell Theory - you take the victim as you find him.

So, if you get into a normal fist fight with a guy and land an average punch to the face, but he has some weird genetic condition that caused his skull to crack open like an eggshell causing major damage, you’re responsible for that damage. The fact that he had a certain condition when you encountered him doesn’t negate your actions.

The only thing that condition can do mitigate your intent to cause bodily harm. You didn’t mean to crack his skull open.

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All you hear are the ghouls foaming at the mouth while saying “Florida will be filled with dead bodies. Just wait and see!”

When you remind them that Florida never closed the way NY did, they say

“Deaths lag 1-2 months behind a spike. There will be thousands dead!”

Then remind them that the pandemic started 4 months ago.

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