_Ghost_Void_ [S] 14 points ago

1776 will commence on these Marxist communist scum bags.

_Ghost_Void_ [S] 4 points ago

Xds and a car mount. Sometimes the memes write themselves.

_Ghost_Void_ [S] 11 points ago

Retards in NY probably had a seizure when they saw this "no it's all Blumphfs fault!" "Muh testing!"

_Ghost_Void_ [S] 5 points ago

Uh no. Aaron is the reason this farce has gone on so long. At anytime he could of ended it.

_Ghost_Void_ [S] 3 points ago

Aaron Rich's email has been released years ago. Send him an email and tell him top do the right thing for his BROTHERS legacy.

_Ghost_Void_ [S] 2 points ago

This doc is kind of stupid and the lady is sketchy as fuck. But censorship only makes these things blow up bigger

_Ghost_Void_ [S] 8 points ago

Their plan was to distract everyone with Muh racism. That's why they blew up that story about those fat turd cop and son in Georgia.

_Ghost_Void_ [S] 22 points ago

Seriously. He ordered thousands to their deaths by demanding wuhan flu patients return to nursing homes.

_Ghost_Void_ [S] 7 points ago

If this story is true I hope the death penalty is considered. But almost all sources for it seem like Qtard bullshit. There was that supposed whistle blower john was here or something like that.

_Ghost_Void_ [S] 7 points ago

We are in a generational battle. Clear the borders. Breed your women. Let the leftist abort their children.

_Ghost_Void_ [S] 2 points ago

Long read but very interesting. Confirms what we've all known. The FBI attempted to manufacture as many "Russian contacts" with the trump campaign as they could.

_Ghost_Void_ [S] 1 point ago

Dont ever fall into the trap of thinking our enemies are dumb. Arabic is not an easy language to learn. Brennan speaks it perfectly.

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