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Follow-up video after he saw the Trump tweet. He's so happy!


EDIT: Three hours ago after commentor tells him Trump tweet:

Gary Lamb Gary Lamb 2 hours ago I need to sit down

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However, if this were in my state, which does have a lawful mandate on masks outdoors and this were an officer, then my point would be valid.

Your point would not be valid. I read your Executive Order 20-43. Explicitly states in Paragraph 3.c.:

No law enforcement officer shall or local official shall detain, arrest or confine in jail any person for violation of this order.

Instead, enforcement of the EO is limited to fines of $100-$500.

How many womps would you like?

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One of the best photos of the GEOTUS I have seen. He looks very stately.

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He's just one, stupid man who will personally benefit from fear over muh pandemic. He is a charlatan and should be treated as such.

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"Hey, I love it when my entire life is inundated with politics.

I drive to work, the music station dj is talking about how people that don’t agree with them are bad people. I don’t agree with that dj.

I get to work. I need to wear a mask. I have an active job and a mask is uncomfortable. But if I don’t wear it in all situations, I’m going to kill grandmas.

At lunch, I like to browse things relating to my hobbies. I like gaming and sports. I read a review about a game and it gets docked because the reviewer doesn’t like the way a certain demographic was portrayed and a certain way of life, that’s toxic, contributes to the way that demographic is portrayed. I fall into that way of life.

I get off work and drive home. I’m getting excited for the game, so I turn on national sports radio. I hear how there is constant bigotry against minorities in sports, told by millionaire minorities.

I get home and want to relax. I turn on a movie for the kids and I. Movie has lots of racist jokes but it’s “ok” because it’s against my race.

Game time. My escape is here. I’m a life long fan. I have countless memories of good times with friends and family because of this team and sport. The entire intro is all politics that I’m tired of hearing about. My favorite players are at the center of it. I don’t agree with all of it. I just want the game.

But I’m the asshole."

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Would love it if you could rotate that image.

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Is there anything that's just "right" anymore? Or is anyone or any group not rabidly leftist "far-right?"

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TURN NASSAU RED!! I live there too. While I don't see many Trump signs, I do: (i) see lots of Gadsden flags, which is a way to show support without getting your car or home vandalized; and (ii) no Biden signs.

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Nice succinct elevator pitch right there. Imagine Biden trying to get that out in 43 seconds.

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Why are most of these people white?

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Looks like "@misterjigglyfly" has some nice jiggly tits

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LOL at his name change. If that happened to me I'd sign that as my name on every document and correspondence.

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Looks to me like of 36,078 of the 164,280 total "deaths involving COVID-19" occurred at a "nursing home/long term care facility." Table 2.

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