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This man has the correct perspective on things!

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I have to admit that I wouldnt have taken you for pedes but I think that makes it even more awesome.
Well informed young voters supporting Trump is the real deal. Bless you!

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I'm currently watching the old seasons again. The whole show is a masterpiece until the season when the golden God left and a"diverse" cast member joined....

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These people have no knowledge about the constitution.
Obama "wasnt allowed" because the Republican senate didnt confirm his pick.
Also them talking about moral and ethics is the most laughable thing ever.

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"Video nicht verfügbar" = This video is not available.

And not only in my country (Germany). I tried it with a proxy, same result....

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Also 7. Every time he used it as a safe phrase to not wander off in gibberish talk.
It has worked pretty well but makes him look like a fool who cant go into detail at all.

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Exactly. I guess we all agree the 1st debate was horrible. But here we saw how Biden starts to wander off after one hour+. So how the fuck does he want to do the most stressful job in the world about 18 hours every day for 4 years? Ah right, Horrible Harris doing the Cheney after 10:00 in the morning!

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100% gaffe since Lincoln got mentioned before. So the name was in the back of his mind and he switched them up.
Huge fuck up after saying "Come on" seven times as a "safe phrase" to not go into detail further on whatever topic he was talking about so that tactic kept him in check for a big part of the debate. I really didnt like POTUS saying he is the least racist person in the room twice though.

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This is one main reason why I, a german outsider, still visit this site and followed the great voyage from 2015 on.
Because besides all the shitposts and fun, the people here have real empathy towards the community and the people that surround them in their lives, and when something serious like this comes up, it is taken adequately and with more respect than I have seen in every other online forum/outlet.
It is genuine.

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You are doing the right thing, even when you wont read this anymore, but the last time on earth should be spend with real people in the real world.
Family and friends that accompanied our way. The community we lived in.
Its a sad thing to read

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This is insane. How are they getting away with this shit? I want an unbiased, non-partisan person who can be as objective as possible and also wants to do be rational and non-leaning.
I know thats not easy to find, in the media basically impossible, but at least get someone who doesnt have deep ties to one side, no matter which!
Since I am not from the US, do you guys have some people in mind who would be good moderators?

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The last sentence just makes this even more murderous by contrast.
I love how GEOTUS calls out people. Its honest and unique. Since the Rosie O'Donnell comment he has perfected this art and its beautiful and just funny as fuck.
All those people taking every word literally are pityful. Especially if they do it on purpose.

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My pleasure. I always like to recommend if people have a similar taste.
Especially in todays "all media access" world this was so often helpful to myself. I hope you like/d it.

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Thx for making me laugh eruptively. I'm just rewatching all early seasons and its the best show ever until Dennis left...
The golden God will be missed forever!

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Check out "Prisoners" if you like Gyllenhaal. Its an awesome movie also starring Hugh Jackmann and with Denis Villeneuve behind the camera! (Sicario, Arrival, Blade Runner 2049). Also "Enemy"!

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I loved that. The silver fox killed it despite the circumstances. If he wouldnt have been cut off every second time he spoke, he would have owned her with every answer.

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Thank you for pointing this out. The questions were deliberately constructed so that 2 minutes are not nearly enough to respond adequately from an even leveled playing field.
Its the only way they could make this seem like a fair debate (and then give her much more time and cut off Pence in the middle of important ending statements).

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She was the only person in front of the stage other than press, police and campaign handlers who desperately jumped with low energy to capture her flag.
Now thats a powerful, independent woman! My biggest respect to this epic ladypede.
But what a pathetic display. To who was Bernie talking there? No crowd at all!
I hope she does this again over the course of this month :)

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"Dems created a monster, 'cause nobody wants to see Clinton no more
They want Biden, shes chucked side-beef
Well if you want Trump, then this is what I'll give ya
A little bit Covfefe mixed with some second term MAGA!!

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So she is for intervention wars, troops in the middle east and the collapse of the US-economy, got it.

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Yeah, I said I thought. After doing more thinking it would be also visible on his suit if it was a shadow (of some technical cable on the top?).
The whole thing is definitely weird and he seems to hide it with his hand before it gets visible. I am not sure but wouldnt be surprised if he was filled with some gadgets & an ear piece.

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I think its a shadow. He moves to the left and it gets a little bit more visible. Then he moves to the right and it disappears like a shadow would when falling on something that moves. A wire wouldnt disappear behind his sleeve that smooth. But his hand movement before that is indeed suspicious.

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