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Hah I was just thinking about this the other day. You weren’t allowed to use newspaper articles or other media sources as references when writing essays.

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Yeah you’re right. Just like how Junior Soprano was put in as a fake boss in the Sopranos TV show to take the heat off the other real people running the fraud behind the scenes (Obama’s, Clintons, etc)

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We are dealing with the Democrat crime mafia with mob boss The big guy Biden at the top

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Wasn’t she also on a call with Bernie Sanders and someone from DOJ was instructing them how to commit sabotage. I think Sidney said she had the recordings

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I wouldn’t be surprised. Dropping these 2 bombshells right before thanksgiving should demoralize anyone who participated in this fraud. They get to spend their entire holiday looking forward to prison and/or fines and public humiliation rather than being with their friends and family

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It’s total bullshit. If you have been an “essential” worker, you’ve been working with no difference this entire time, the only change being you have to wear a mask. Well this election and verifying that it’s accurate and legitimate is pretty damn essential if you ask me.

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Fucking Bernie... do you really need 3 houses Bernie? God damn commie

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Dems: “Surely dominion voting machines will be what finally stumps the Trump!”

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Or if you’re a woman, you can go make a video of yourself crying with your child in the background on YouTube and start a GoFundMe and make money that way

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Lol where does this meme format come from?

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Lol the cuck Joe Rogan tried to make that argument in the beginning of his podcast with Mike Baker

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