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"Capitalism is EVIL!" -Sent from my iPhone 11 Pro+

YugeDon2020 [S] 24 points ago

"I'm seriously considering moving to Finland." "Yea, I'm also weighing my options.." Sure you are.... KEK

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"God forbid RBG dies and Trump makes it a 6-3 Supreme Court" - goodness I can only get so erect

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The Bernie sub is pure gold. Saw one comment that was something like "Fuck it, I'll just support the shock therapy that is Trump in 2020." KEK

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Fuck Doug Jones. Roy Moore isn't my number one pick, but I voted for him and would do it again if he was the Republican candidate. Doug Jones is an embarrassment to the state of Alabama and in no way reflects the views of the majority of people here.

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Been on this train for awhile

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"No problems there"

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It would be better if the quote said "WOMP WOMP"

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Imagine wasting your time just to go to an entirely different website just to downvote all of the things you disagree with. Basement dwellers...