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In 2016, 24% of democratic voters were black. The protesters are almost all democrats and only 17% of them are black. Blacks are actually underrepresented at these protests.

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I am pro choice, but I would prefer a cutoff around 12 weeks. Since most democrats support it being legal to drill a hole through the baby's head while it is crowning, democrats are barbarians and I prefer pro-life republicans.

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Somebody should make a pussy hat that has creepy old man fingers poking through it and says Biden 2020.

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How fucked up is it for Asian American students that at top universities there is already a quota for Asian students, and that some of the very few available spots are going to Chinese nationals with a 2.1 GPA?

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The last one is a true. The first three were 3 different headlines for the same article, and the last one is a separate article.

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Muslim Brotherhood & Austin Powers had a baby. Is that still racist?