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Most people hate Trump and you’re blind if you can’t figure out why

But I don’t need to explain it to you and here I am admitting that the guy who “most people hate” won the election with the most votes ever and was most likely defrauded by one of the most corrupt politicians in American history.

Lol, leftists being leftists.

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I know that but I can’t figure out why anyone would want to live in a communist dictatorship that repudiates freedom and marginalizes its population on a daily basis. Frankly it seems like mental illness.

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We are worth saving.

I agree with this part even though I'm not at all confident that it's possible.

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I'd rather just cut you guys out of the union. Can we do that instead?

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That's why I always laugh when people are like "dude, they just need to use blockchain, it's 100% traceable and impossible to defraud."

No, you faggots do not understand something called people. This is our fallen nature and we are very resourceful finding creative ways to embrace it.

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You’re not. He came out of nowhere and does nothing.

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Anti-China video

I was searching google for it

I couldn't find it

Yes, very curious, isn't it?

However, I did find it, too. But it wasn't easy.

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He's a fucking cuck is what's up.

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Seriously, this is fucking ridiculous. If you can't AT THE VERY LEAST commit to refusing to put up electors at all with all the blatant fraud you just laid eyes on, you don't deserve to be in that position.

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"Take down the CCP"

have had a hard time tracking the video down myself

Hmmmm... curious, huh?

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Is that possible? Tomorrow is Thanksgiving...

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I mean shit, even the president of the local school board deserves to know whether they were defrauded, lady.

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That was probably fake news designed to make you stop caring about this. I guess it almost worked.

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