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If you remember, this Hogan pos had his hat in the ring for President early in the primaries. Think how big of a pos he has to be to win governor as a Republican in a state as fked up as Maryland.

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Arizona St......see azcentral as reference. The reporters are horrible in writing, Political stances, and composition of a story.

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Locals always blame it on outsiders.....not buying it.....you will have some outsiders stirring the pot, but a lot of locals are the ingredients in the pot....busting up their own neighborhoods.

This all outsider crap falls right in line with not our fault....we are victims.

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Excellent, on point, and called them out as should happen. The NHL is no better than the NBA, MLB, or the NFL....fk every last one of them.

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Government lab.....Trump can end all this nonsense here and other places....including the military.

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Self righteous bitch.

This obviously will not impact the recipient except to have them probably picture up more signs....bigger signs.

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It would be time well spent.

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Very good that she held the flag behind her.

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The Kenosha Kid put things in a different perspective for them.

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