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Liberal, conservative - labels that don't mean much anymore IMHO. Trump is the Patriot Party doing what is best for Americans.

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Universities absolutely discriminate in applications - they have designated pools of application competition based on ethnicity. And if you want to guarantee your child to get into the school, you make a donation and say tell them you will make a larger donation in the future, and by the way, my child is applying to your school.

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I didn't. But what if someone's wife (or husband) becomes a drug addicted dangerous person ? My point is that the parent should consider all aspects of the situation and do what is best for the children. In some case, that means getting a divorce.

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wow - you are such a genius. where have you been my whole life to solve my problems with your genius insight into human behavior ? generalities by fucking idiots like you show how little you understand about families and children. shut the fuck up and try to learn from people who have experienced more than you, ass clown. i was using an example to show you how fucking useless your generalities are.

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You don't control your spouse. Good for you to make it work. If your spouse is a fucking drug addict dangerous person, than its not better to "make it work". Its better to get divorced and have full custody of the kids.

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This is overly simplified perspective. As a father you have to determine what is best for your children. If your wife is a fucking drug addict dangerous person, its better to be divorced with custody of your kids than to have your wife hurt your kids.

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I fully agree with OP. I am divorced - raised my three kids as a single father, while working 16 hour days, 6 days a week as an investment banker. My divorce really really hurt my children. Married parents matter. Choose the right spouse with your children in mind. I chose my wife poorly. I don't regret a minute of my life, but I will always wish i didn't hurt my children like I did from the divorce.

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You are absolutely right. He is my hero also. It is the good fight for the good people in this country and in this world.

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Absolutely my pleasure Shitsbrokeyo. But I cannot take credit other than for making it a post. Username Philhelm posted this full speech is in the comments of one of my posts and I felt the same way - absolutely fucking magnificent comment - so I had to make it a post. I also had never read the speech - heard the quote a billion fucking times but never read the whole speech. I am a veteran also - just a few years with the Air Force in the 90th Tactical Fighter Squadron (Wild Weasels) at Clark Air Base, Philippines (thus my username - but I didn't want to make it too obvious)

Link to the post with the original comment from Philhelm - you cant miss the comment with the speech - its not too far down in the comments.


All the best to you Brother.

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THANK YOU FOR POSTING PEDE ! I have never seen this before. "So don't ever let up."

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Agreed - yes, we are all one out of 7.6 billion - and he needs us just as much as we need him. But he is the one to be POTUS.

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shit...we get put in jail for protecting our homes from hoards of vandals.

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