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I didn't draw it. I just used it to pick a fight with a mod.

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This is a couple years old. I didn't wanna get Cringe Anarchy banned.

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A black person can say anything they want about you.

You can say absolutely nothing about them.

And this double standard is how we end racism! Hurr DUrr

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Because I don't have the original, and I didn't wanna get Cringe Anarchy banned.

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I'll put it on my fridge, son.

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This looks like it was made by the same 12 year old that made the JoePedo meme.

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Yeah. That was some political humor cuck mod.

Everyone called me a racist for posting a caricature, then a double racist for showing the real pic. Then I got banned.

This macro picks up from there.

Edit: Found the original post too so you guys can read the comments


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But part of you hopes maybe it works out long enough for you to get some free shit, and is someone else's problem when it collapses.

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Imagine trying to explain it to your former self.

You'd have to first explain what based and redpilled means...

Then you'd have to explain what woke means...

Then you'd have to explain why that's actually bad..

Then you'd have to explain the inherent flaws in communism.

Then you just redpilled your past self.

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So... Is this the total number of votes here shown from just one batch? Like will more votes be counted in those areas?

Or is this the total for that precinct for the entire election?

IDK how big these precincts are, But it seems literally impossible for Trump to only get 5 votes.

Not to mention identical numbers popping up across town.

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Fun fact: Grocery stores also sell coffee!

Just get one with the fanciest looking package and imagine you paid twice as much for it!

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he skipped all the endorsements of violence from democrats that lead to Trump supporters being murdered in the streets.

Once they start killing us all "civility" is out the window.

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Did they say anything new or release new evidence?

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Shit man. Sorry. Looks like they patched it.

It worked for me last week though and I downloaded all 900 songs on my playlists. I can still tell you how to download individual songs one at a time, but it looks like doing playlists in bulk doesnt work anymore.

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Jesus: "Technically, The ground is what killed them."

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Some idiot on YouTube is replying to me about Ukraine. Apparently Trump is evil because he threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine if they didn't investigate biden.

Same idiot is bitching about impeachment and how evil and corrupt republicans are for not convicting Trump, and how it was all just a kangaroo court where the jury was his "friends".

So I asked him how come they didn't charge him with an actual crime, And why should I give a shit if his friends vote for him in a popularity contest.

He then proceeds to explain how you don't actually need a crime or evidence of any wrongdoing to impeach. And how it's solely at the discretion of the house and senate, and they can do it for any reason they like, and they don't have to prove any crime in the process.

Then he goes right back to telling me the republicans are corrupt for not convicting under those circumstances. Zero self awareness.

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