Xenophon [S] 37 points ago

I have been sending a small-business gift card to a different friend every day this week, and I've committed to doing it every day for the 15 days Trump recommended. Just my own small contribution to keeping the economic pump primed. Y'all should do it too! The government can't provide all the solutions.

Xenophon [S] 1 point ago

I just want to keep the pump primed as much as possible so we're not totally economically devastated on the other side of this.

Xenophon [S] 6 points ago

Random, but as a layperson I find concrete tech to be fascinating. Plastic, steel and concrete.... The miracle building blocks of modern civilization. Underappreciated.

Xenophon [S] 18 points ago

Falafel and whatever goop Ethiopian people consider food, is the answer I've heard. Of course, I don't consider muh exotic cuisine to be a satisfactory answer.

Xenophon [S] 3 points ago

Can someone with meme skills Photoshop the leg lamp from A Christmas Story into AOC's science fair project? After all, they're both major awards.


Xenophon [S] 8 points ago

God be with the people of Virginia. They're rallying for us all.

Xenophon [S] 3 points ago

Which videos of yours would you recommend to someone who isn't familiar with your work?

Xenophon [S] 5 points ago

With MailChimp taking down your email service, how would one sign up for a newsletter?

Xenophon [S] 2 points ago

Never thought I'd root for the Bloods but here we are. Life is strange.

Xenophon [S] 1 point ago

45 x 46 = 2070 2070 - 46 = 2024

Third term confirmed.

Xenophon [S] 36 points ago

Lots of inlaws are offering unsolicited opinions on my parenting/business/life choices, and I am valiantly grinning and bearing it because I love my wife so very much. Only three more hours and I can go home. Thank you Jesus.

On the bright side, all the outlaws got together this afternoon and drank whiskey, shot guns, and raced ATVs to get away from it all for a few hours. That was pretty great.

Family. SMH.