WxwXwxWxwXwxW [S] 9 points ago

He toes the line just enough to get by unscathed. Swamp just like any other.

WxwXwxWxwXwxW [S] 3 points ago

Bought a new range bag the other day. Could have bought some cheap Chinese bag on Amazon - and there are some nice looking ones - but instead dropped over $150 on LYNX DEFENSE made in the USA. Couldn't be happier. Fuck China.

WxwXwxWxwXwxW [S] 4 points ago

GENK occasionally has moments of clarity. Expect the TDS to correct that quickly.

WxwXwxWxwXwxW [S] 2 points ago

Outstanding news if true. These assholes need to be exposed. BIGLY.

WxwXwxWxwXwxW [S] 17 points ago

Almost all my friends are cowering like little bitches. Pisses me off how weak this country has become.

WxwXwxWxwXwxW [S] 10 points ago

Actually I'm very surprised. They had an opportunity to create new political stars over the last few years and squandered the opportunity with dipshits like Beto and The Squad - not realizing how unpopular they were until it was too late.

WxwXwxWxwXwxW [S] 2 points ago

Cumming soon I hope

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