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Not because it's a random 4chan anon being stupid

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In English: Georgia precincts printed enough votes after the fact to match up with the numbers that we had to cheat in on election night

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I'll give you a secret: SOME port has to exist in order to update it, or it has to be connected to the internet.

Neither of these options are actually fit nor do they stand up to scrutiny when it comes to a fucking election.

Paper ballots, hand counting, observers from both parties. If anyone objects to observers, they need to be removed from the counting process entirely and blacklisted from ever assisting.

No machines.

Also, yes: USB is a vulnerability in every way. If you get physical access to someone's computer, you will be able to gain access some way or another.

Physically it isn't safe either, as USB killers do a good job of what their name implies.

Ports are a vulnerability. Physical access is a vulnerability. Machines in an election is a vulnerability.

Out, out, out.

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We need to stop accepting human error for criminal offenses.

We need accountability. Ignorance is not a defense against the law. At least, it isn't for the peasantry.

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Yeah, that's what my initial post is all about: If you come to our country, you're expected to learn and assimilate into our ways.

But the way we decided to allow immigration to run was basically just let anyone in. Oh, you're illegal and overstayed? Come to our sanctuary cities so you don't get booted from the home that you took illegally!

Obama did population replacement in places like Michigan, throwing a lot of middle-eastern types, sending a lot of Somalian "refugees" across the country, etc.

I don't actually think any whites were actually brought in under Obama. Certainly not Christians.

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And the cancel culture was in full swing there, too. Two to one ratio is a mob, and they labeled as "a troll" because they didn't agree.

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I think this is the moral of the story (replace: you're with they're) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQohZCPf62Y

TL;DW: "The moral is, you're (they're) a total bitch"

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$15 minimum wage is rough and can't just be dumped on people, though.

But you're right; they try to do too many things and it fucks over everyone.

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I agree, to a significant extent at least.

We have absorbed a lot of cultures, but there are also a lot of people from those cultures being imported.

It's literally population replacement.

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Well, if it's based on merit that usually implies that there has to be a demand. In theory.

Right now I am against immigration entirely. The burden shouldered by this country is creating massive problems. The demographic shift alone is insanity.

We have enough homeless and low skilled workers that we can invest into instead of immigration.

What I described was a better way of doing the immigration we'd already done.

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Gotta love it.

Everyone blames the white man for everything.

Turns out I am directly responsible for Californian black people having poverty from across the country. Who knew.

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Oh definitely not. A lot of silicon is made in Taiwan and Hong Kong too though. Sadly, it seems China has been successfully encroaching on both of those in recent years so it'll all be China.

Japan produces a good amount of silicon too, but their manufacturing is more expensive so a lot of people outsource it to China.

We really should produce more here. But that would be fairly difficult if we tried to make $15 the minimum wage as the left wants.

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I actually do have the H8G in one room because I wanted a fairly cheap and robust television for budget 4K gaming with nice colors. Was upgrading during a pandemic from a ~10 year old television, so I had to keep costs down and it was basically the best in class at the time and was punching up against TVs $200-$350 more expensive than itself.

The stand is definitely a wide one, though not very out of the ordinary nowadays. I'd kind of rather hang it, though I'm not sure if the area will allow it.

Weak points are definitely its local dimming and motion smoothing. High points are its adequate brightness, colors, contrast and low input lag.

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Like any market, if you are buying a TV for a TV and not trying to focus on color accuracy or strong contrast or good peak brightness levels for HDR content or native 120hz or variable refresh rate or better motion processing to interpolate content without adding the soap opera effect, or...or...or...

Then picking up any big brand is likely to yield a solid result.

But specifically trying to look for the best deals with the features you want can seriously make things difficult, and most places are suggesting things like TCL because from budget to mid-end they have the market really solidly right now.

I don't know what the Korean companies are even doing at this point.

Actually, I do; Samsung has positioned QLED to be the new standard for all TVs and focused on that, and LG is cultivating OLED which has a lot of burn in issues. QLED is really pretty and the colors are vibrant, so Chinese companies able to produce it on the cheap will have the edge.


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I don't think that's an unpopular opinion; any time someone gained power they'd be able to drastically affect the country by imprisoning or killing or financially destroying anyone who became a member of X/Y/Z party.

Slippery slope is a real thing. Communism is just that bad and that destructive however.

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You could argue it, but good luck actually proving it

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Google has literally paid billions to keep their software as default on phones, as one anti-competitive example.

You might be able to download Firefox, but most normal people are going to stick to their phone's default browser. Chrome for Android thanks to Google, and Safari for Apple.

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Ultimately I don't think diversity of skin color is a problem, it's how you get there.

When you force diversity, via hiring drives that target only certain races, or offering higher education at cheaper prices to only certain races, or mass importing people that are only certain races, etc. you don't get true diversity.

True diversity is: A Cuban, black South African, white and Japanese person all apply to a meritous immigration program. All of them have qualifications that would make them valuable, all of them have potential job opportunities. All of them pass the same tests and are taught the same things about our country's history, values and freedoms.

All get through. You now have a black, white, Japanese and Cuban American that understand, appreciate and assimilate into our values and history.

This is diversity. This is the diversity that matters. Not turning people away based on skin colors or accepting them because of racial quotas, but holding them to the same standard and allowing people to sink or swim no matter what they look like.

That's the diversity that used to be encouraged. Not population replacement with specifically non-whites.

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it would have been discovered in the statewide handcount

This is why I have been saying we should have locked those buildings down without letting anyone in or out.

That statement exposes what I always knew: Ballot stuffing to cover their tracks.

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