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Did Kim Kardadhian not get around to his case in time.

In case you arent aware she is trying to free other vicious black murderers on death row with the backing of scum like Oprah and Hollywood making propoganda documentaries.

Though the victims are usually white so maybe this is why she hasn't campaigned for this POS.

Aethism Is Unstoppable has published several videos about these.

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I believe they chose Joe because they could run with the good old Joe public image. The safe calm experienced old guy option as opposed to the bull in the China shop president.

I remember thinking this as soon as he announced he was running. I was most concerned about Biden, Michelle Obama or Oprah who were all being talked about as potential primary candidates.

And COVID was pretty much their test bed in mass censoring. Almost like a beta for the main release aka the election.

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He dropped out in 1988 because enough of the mainstream media were actually still practising journalism back then.

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No they don't. They act as suppression polls which had a huge impact on the GOP raising funds from the people. According to Devin Nunes, it stopped the GOP fighting at least 20 house races this election and retaking the House. Here's Nunez explaining this.


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Not really. Blacks have a reputation of being disproportionately violent in schools and getting away with it.

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I'll take my downvotes.

4 years of 24/7 anti Trump propaganda pumped out by every single broadcast avenue known to man, from the MSM, Big Tech, College campus,Television and Hollywood, to all global media outlets. Then throw in a fake pandemic with a fake death count, a temporarily destroyed economy, fake racial justice riots etc etc

I'm in Australia and even here my co-workers think badly of Trump thanks to our Trump hating media.

Sure there is probably large scale fraud going on, but it's not hard to see why people would come out and vote against Trump.

You would have to be very niaive and totally lacking in historical knowledge to discard just how powerful the effect of propoganda is.

Hate and fear are the most powerful motivators there are. It's why the news pumps out fear porn 24/7 about every little thing they can because people can't look away. They are biologically programmed to learn about what may harm them and try and prevent it.

And hate is as equally as motivating as fear. You only have to think back to the last time you got angry and how long that anger lasted before you could dampen it back down again.

Even if you take out the 2.7 million the Dominion software is alleged to have manipulated it still puts Bidens count at the highest in history.

So yes I think it's entirely possible that Biden got as many votes as he did however we should take comfort that Trump got as many votes as he did, a record for a sitting president which shows that you aren't in a minority as much as the lying media would have you believe.

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You took that out of context.

He said on the actual evidence they have seen so far, which is a few thousand dead people voting, that alone will not be enough to overturn any result.

No one has shown any solid evidence of voter fraud that can been proved at this stage apart from dead people voting.

Sworn affidavits are not proof of voter fraud. Witnesses provide sworn affadavits all the time in court for both the prosecution and the defence but it's not proof, it's just a witness account.

Of course that can all change if they can provide proof or Trumps lawyers can convince a judge to look into the allegations and make a judgement on moving forward with contesting a vote count.

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I think the lefts internal polling, the real polling that is, showed that they were getting hammered in the battleground states and decided to just go for it and use every cheating tactic they've got.

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But only in the battleground states. He didn't beat Obama in the other states.

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Which in retrospect looks like she was doing her best to make as much money as possible on her book.

She later contradicted her own book.

So she got her first 2 weeks of sales, when book sales peak and then went back to her demonic ways.

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Name me one thing said in that video that is fake news? I'll wait...

That was a major smear against the Sinclair Group for simply reading a statement that advised its viewers to question news stories without fact checking and apparently you fell for the smear.

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Hillary was incredibly unlikable and still had big rallies. The dems will come out for anyone including Biden.

They are just riding the COVID fear strategy to limit the size of their rallies. But it hasn't really worked as more and more people just want to go back to normal.

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Which is why the dems and big tech are going all out to stop his reelection.

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Another interesting fact to add to your layman's knowledge which is the same as mine.

Coronavirus spreads around the globe 4 out of every 10 years as explained in the video below by world virus expert Dolores Cahill, whose currently being cancelled by the establishment for speaking out.


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Just rewind to the beginning of 2020.

Trump already knew this as did anyone who has lived through these new virus strains in recent history, that COVID is very similar to the flu in its effect on people.

He even said so right at the beginning when he was trying to resist the increasing fake hysteria coming from the leftist media to crash the economy and panic.

But unfortunately because the US media is so powerful they forced his hand and ever since he has had to run with the BS 2.5 million death count narrative and try and make the best political outcome out of a Democrat led fake pandemic.

The biggest single factor by far that people vote for is the economy and money in their pocket.

So the left took away Trumps most important achievement, the economy which would have easily allowed him to get re-elected.

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I use DDG but I'm pretty sure their owners support Democrats. And their search results are just as bad as Google. You have to hit page 3 or 4 on any controversial political point before you find a non leftist link.

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Same. I just tagged one of the founders @John in one of his posts so hopefully he will see it and respond.

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But she went from annoying to indistinguishable from a raving never Trumper especially during the recent Sessions election. I now put her in the Ben Shapiro camp, which means no matter what they say now that I may agree with I'll never listen to them on anything they say period.

She betrayed Trump and his supporters by publicly vilifying him and you never do that.

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Just a precursor to the debate which will just be more of the same.

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It was kind of a joke.

This whole COVID affair has constantly put Trump between a rock and a hard place.

They attacked him when the testing was low, then he ramps up testing to number one in the world and now they can hammer him on the number of cases while completing ignoring that the actual death rate has plummeted since April in the US and the rest of the first world.

Obama actually stopped testing during the swine flu, because he could see how cases would be used against him by his political opponents and the corrupt media didn't say a thing, obviously.

Trump would love to do the same but he would be hammered by the corrupt media.

Testing actually achieves nothing. It doesn't help at all. It just gives fuel to the media to promote hysteria which leads to feckless governments and local states locking down again and again.

You can see this playing out right now in the UK and Victoria, Australia.

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Yeh kinda like Trump in that respect.

I enjoy the Savage show, even if I disagree with a fair bit of what he has to say and I won't stop listening because of this drama.

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