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I have Trumps high energy non sleep schedule!

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I went to have an after Trump rally burger and I cam back to this! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! My husband took this picture! Love you hon!

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A white senile old man who has sexual assault charges and a women who has blown her way to the top.

This is the Demonrat party of 2020. I haven't laughed this hard since 2016!

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Imagine choosing a VP pick because of their skin color. Just as insane as the people who were voting Hillary because "its time for a women in charge".

These people do not deserve the right to vote.

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I am livid, Millard Fillmore was a man who was self made and focused his life around education. The decision to remove his legacy from New York makes me sick. I have called the U of Buffalo and left a message however I doubt they will get back. I am also going to contact the Fillmore House association and ask if there is anything I can do. We can not allow the left to erase our presidents or our history.