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I used to work in Ireland. Love the Irish people. They understand when the work day is done. Thanks for speaking up, IrishPede.

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Mmmmm, thanks for the facts..... but I'm willing to pretend that it's ANTIFA.

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I could spend all day watching this video.

I feel like such a horrible person that I feel that way, but, hey, feelings are feelings, amiright?

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I've really enjoyed switching to prepping my own meals at home. It's been quite a delight.

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Spezz - what they hell are you doing here??????

(great name, btw)

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Raise your hand if you are tired of the "Raise your hand" posts.

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Wait until they tie the two together!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's when the real fun will start. "You want voter ID, here, if you get a vax, you can vote".

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He need to go back to banging whores in Las Vegas swimming pools.

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