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No he doesn’t need to block that much. You must receive 270 to win or it goes to congress. If no one receives 270, it doesn’t go to whoever has most

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Would have been completely lost by now if we didn’t win 2016. Only difference is we probably would have slow cooked ourselves to death before realizing what has happened and it would’ve been irreversible

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Yep. Be concise. Slim it down

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They still have a dozen witnesses smh that haven’t gotten to yet. Makes me so mad that lady took so much time before lunch. Should have been a 5 minute testimony

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Very hard to follow talking about numbers. Use pictures/charts

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Imagine this lady trying to monitor 30 people 😂 shed spend an hour on one in tunnel vision

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Yeah there’s no way this lady could observe 30 people at once 😂

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This witness has to be incredibly frustrating. All this time, she wasn’t there when originally called up, spending all this time to say she can’t observe 2,000 ballots. Important testimony but my god, be mindful of the other witnesses to add to the case. Be concise

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He also said he is Harris’ running mate. Long pause and a smirk “you think I’m kidding, don’t you?” The whole time is was rubbing our faces in it

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I’m speculating that the story might be a bit wrong. Those initials are on many more than 2,000 ballots. Those initials are on tens of thousands of ballots spanning multiple days. Those initials are written in 10+ different handwriting styles which i don’t think we’re deputized to issue the absentee ballots. When I saw those initials it was 99%+ vote for Biden

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Surprised there’s a picture of that. They didn’t explain the significance of “MLW” (it was done in many different handwritings) and if that was the basis of it, then there are way more than 2,000

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I want to know why I saw 99.5% Biden votes on ballots where there was the irregularity that 15+ people (non-deputized) were issuing the absentee ballots on behalf of someone else and signing their name

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Dane county is very liberal anyway where down ballot won’t be impacted. I imagine Milwaukee is too. Races down ballot in these counties just aren’t as close. You could toss 100,000 in either county and it wouldn’t impact them.

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We weren’t not looking at or challenging down ballot (other than to see Biden only votes). Remember the audit was only 2 counties...

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Don’t even sweat it. It’s a matter of time. Understand the frustration but need to go through the motions. It is as big of a slam dunk as I’ve ever seen from the field

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No. The scope of the recount was presidential election. No down ballots were reviewed

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Wisconsin won’t be this weekend. Recount ends this weekend and then they will be able to file the lawsuit with all their findings (there is a lot).

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