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The alcohol is free, you have to pay for the beer mixer

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And I’d direct them to take it up with Hasbro, a 4+ children’s TV show company.

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The Dems are like the crips and bloods to me. I refuse to use D in everyday language. Like how the bloods call cigarettes bigarrettes cause they don’t use C’s

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So why do they hang out with him then...? 🤔

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They talk the talk but won’t shoot the shot

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Yeah I’m not buying it either. He’s definitely a prick in so many other ways, drawing stupid shit isn’t one of them. When I was a stupid teenager, me and my dumbass friends used to draw swastikas on each others homework before it got collected when they weren’t looking. It quickly evolved into other really bad shit but we were just stupid kids. You can’t pull that up now and be like “WhitePowerRanger is a Nazi!”

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The part that holds the powder and gets ejected out the side (casing) commonly called brass but it’s commonly steel (cause cheaper)

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That’s what the Dems did except for with commies

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Was it impressive? I remember my 3 year old cousin showing me the shit he took and I was like “I shit pebbles bigger than this. Come on kid. You can do better” fast forward to today and he plays in the NHL lol I’d like to thing I inspired him to take bigger shits

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We’ve all said hello to death and had dinner with him. Pretty hard to piss us off lol

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Haha my username is cause I race motorcycles and we look like power rangers in our leather suits and helmets. Also it’s funny ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Kyles Kommie Killer! We can call it the KKK for short.... shit....

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But first! A walk of shame where everyone gets to throw their rotten produce at them as they’re led barefoot thru a field of broken glass to the gigantic Trump sized (and branded) guillotine. Then they should randomly select someone from the audience to pull the lever.

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Of course. Don’t you know medics need guns in case they have to put a patient down?

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