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We don't call lids here at TheDonald.win! Choo Choo!

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They’ll just say it’s coordinated smear campaign between the Trump Administration and the Trump Campaign against Biden.

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Preplanned Tweets? YES

Teleprompter? YES

Mask? YES

Hunter diddles underage girls? STAY TUNED

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Pedes - is this really the America that we want? Trump Trains on the weekends, pride in our streets, 4 more years of Donald J Trump!? FUCK YEA!

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No, but he needs lots of drugs and an IV drip for Thursday...

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The Biden guy fell out of the sky...

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Do we think they really fucked up or knew the bias would be ridiculous that they said “fuck it” to show the American people to blatant disrespect?

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If Twitter and Facebook would have just left it up, it would have ran it’s course in the news cycle - at least the first story would have. Instead they amplified the shit out of the story by censoring it causing more people to investigate and more people to want to know what happens next. There are still upwards of 5% undecided voters...

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FL and OH are a lock for Trump. Look to where Biden is "campaigning" to see where he is down. PA and MI. He's nonexistent in MN. Has he lost MN already? We shall see!

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As the election gets closer, you’re going to see A LOT of these polls tightening. They were always wrong. It’ll be the pollsters way of saving their jobs for future elections. No one will trust them, but they’ll save their jobs for CNN, NY Times, WAPO, NBC, Fox News, etc.

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I haven’t been this excited since right before the 2016 election...oh wait...

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You already knew they said “she’s black she’ll hate Trump let’s put her behind him”. Wow were they wrong!

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