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Lots and lots of fetal alcohol syndrome in this pic

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Trump needs to compile all the pork and say what the checks SHOULD have been.

"You get $1200, which is great for hurting people. $2400 and $500 for children and hurting families. So it's $1200 and $2900, let's say...

It could have been $1500 and $3500 but Pelosi wanted fresh painted Federal building in SF and Chuck wanted to double the Cherry Blossoms in some park. I want to work with YOU the voters to fix this!"

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I learned to drive in a Yukon. My family owned only 1 GM ever. Not bad per se, just never went back to GM I guess. Maybe it's gotten better, but they had weird sight lines, so the parking difficulties got to be too much. Lol my dad almost killed the neighbors boy because he couldn't see him playing in front of the car. Haha I really can't explain it. Great interior though, and that was 20 years ago!

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I will too. I've been Honda my whole life but we want to grow our family and they don't have a worthwhile SUV with a 3rd row. The Pilot is stupid overpriced for what it is.

Going American and had tabs on the GM brand and sub brands. Even though I didn't agree with the bailout, if they became a comeback story and rehabbed back to traditional American values, I'd change my tune but Fuck em now.

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Since it's apparently too difficult to actually provide links, here's the Archive...


I get not wanting to direct our bigly traffic to BBC, so make an Archive save and link that.

We live in a time where the Left is collapsing The Onion in on itself that we can't just have images with no back up links anymore.

Original link here if that's wanted: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52053656

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To play devil's advocate, what if the typical developmental age of onset for autism just happens to coincides with a common vaccination cycle?

Kids begin walking an speaking around a year, so that would be a clear milestone for them to miss right as they're receiving immunizations.

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Damn, I used to visit Imperial Beach 20 years ago and went recently. Not many places have gotten better over the years, but damn, so much sketchiness now.

It's getting near Santa Monica levels of "Avoid-at-all-cost"

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If this place is really going to cut into Reddit, we need an outlet to shitpost about things that doesn't informally fit into a never ending Trump rally.

That all takes time though, so I appreciate the random shitpost every now and then. I'd suggest a daily sticky to post about other topics of interest.

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I'm the "Patiently waiting for TD.W to have dark mode" kind of guy.

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One of them even forgot to delete the " "s around "legitimate question" such amateur hour

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The point is that it took an absolute freak of a virus to make shortages happen in the most capitalist, supply chain advanced, grocery store dense nation on the planet.

The joke you're missing is that this is the status quo in a Bernie approved, Soviet- wait, Cub- wait, Venezue- wait, Denmark... yeah, Denmark socialist style country.

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Tried to Google and duckduckgo the Italy announcement you're referring to and found nothing. Can you share me a link on them hinting that 80 yo's would be untreated or deprioritized.?

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I think your comment is the middle lane on what Damorelizing was saying.

If a state run universal plan worked really well, with outcome and cost data reflecting that compared to all or most of the other states, I'd absolutely reconsider my position. I just don't see it happening but states should be allowed to try it. We'd learn so much getting the federal government out of it.

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I'm a simple man.

I see cute Pepe memes, I uptrump.

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You were literally making fun of Kaepernick on the SB post last week (and nothing wrong with that).

Sounds like you had a long week lol

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I'm interested. The broadcast quality is great so far. Not sure how I feel about the teams themselves or the crazy rules.

Quality of play is better than I thought. Better than the AFL from last year (the AFL had better logos and uniforms though - still love the Arizona and San Diego uniforms).

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My family and I like to watch "sportsball" together.

We have ammo, weekends away, and dinners out. That's like saying "don't read books" when someone asks for a reading recommendation just because some books are socialist nonsense.

You do you and I'll do me, but you came here first btw.

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I missed the start of the games but haven't heard if any kneeling.

Nothing obvious so far with rigging, but man, that happens in every team sport to some degree. Don't know if we'll ever get away from that.

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I've been encouraging friends to do an AR build. In compliance with law, it's an 80% lower but I have a drill press and jigs ready to go.

I offer to pay for the lower when they join me. They get to build, have beers during the build process with me and homies. At the end, it's theirs for a "better to have, than not have situation" that is literally not functioning so the state (no matter how bs) or a concerned spouse or family member might be, but it's also a couple hours of milling away from a 1776 situation.

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Trying to comment less at the domreddit and be active here. This tweet so damn fire that I had to full commit.

My posts at Reddit are "Not required but given nonetheless." Thinking I don't need to anymore.

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Saw over on T_D that Colbert was on the Lolita Express. The politicians that join all don't surprise me but that was a bit of a head turn (though ultimately not surprising). Heidi Klum was another one I didn't expect immediately.

There's probably hundreds more that would shock us, just needs to get exposed.

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He runs every cycle and has never had a bit of risk of his secrets coming to light previously, so I think the DNC money laundering theory is the correct one.

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