WeinerLapTop [S] 2 points ago

His wintah camp in Boca is happening. Bernie can still win. Keep the faith!!

WeinerLapTop [S] 14 points ago

Thats Charlie work, for sure.

WeinerLapTop [S] 3 points ago

Yeah but only moderately fatter, and richer. My business will not be paying taxes for fiscal year 2020. Over my dead fucking body. Local governments are gonna lose so much fucking revenue due to their smooth brained response to this.

WeinerLapTop [S] 2 points ago

Fuck you fucking degenerate old people and your desire for conformity. I love the pledge, but I'll not be pledging allegiance just as the goverment finishes destroying my life.

People long for fucking enslavement. Even here. We are being attacked by our beaurocrats. Sigh

WeinerLapTop [S] 4 points ago

Haha you think lefty fags will let a Mike Pence presidency be boring??? Im thinking Ebola. Maybe a chinese invasion of Taiwan.

WeinerLapTop [S] 22 points ago

Im sure thats legal, totally above board. Not collusion or foreign influence in an election. Continue on continuing on, citizens.

WeinerLapTop [S] 1 point ago

Civil war has started and the sides are clear.

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