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If every state had an electoral college there would be almost no Democrat governors. Also, if vote apportionment was equal among the counties (which in some states it is. But not blue states) the state legislatures would be far more GOP than they are now.

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Well, it actually tracks perfectly with his recent association with the CCP. The CCP wants to be the one being the Arbiters of Truth. So from that perspective, he is just kowtowing to the regime.

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Those of us in NY's red counties prefer to call him "Creepy Criminal Cuomo and his Cadre of Communist Crooks".

Although I will admit that's a mouthful.

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Don't take that shit at ALL.

I kid you not; I took this way back in the early aughts when it first came out. Was trying to lose weight and get back in shape. The fucking stuff made my hair fall out. I wasn't the only one. there was a big scandal about it at the time.

The company pulled it off the market and "went bankrupt" to avoid lawsuits.

But yeah, I went bald because of that crap. Didn't lose the weight either. Was a hard lesson for me about the importance of proper testing of products and how while the government shouldn't run everything, enforcing medical safety standards is one thing they SHOULD be doing.

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Doctors are biased only to treatments with long proven track records. This is due to years of snake oil solutions causing serious medical issues. It's built into their training.

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Are you saying you are a member of the science team?

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This is not correct. So far it has worked every single time it has been used. Doesn't seem to matter how severe the case is, and it works as a prophylactic.

Now, complications from the disease and lung damage might still kill someone. But that doesn't mean the treatment doesn't work, it just means that it was given too late to stop the permanent damage the virus does. That isn't a problem with the treatment, it's a problem with timing.

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Because not only is it not spreading as fast as it could have been because of Trump's quick and early action, but because we now have a potential cure AND prophylactic in an easy to make and deliver medicine, good old Quinine (in it's newer, less dangerous formulation).

We are looking at the ability to wipe this thing out in just a couple weeks to a month. Think about the Social Distancing being lifted by the end of March because everyone is on Quinine and it can't spread anymore and the virus being declared beaten by Summer. Imagine the death toll in the US never cresting 1000. Not saying that is what will happen. But in a best case scenario, we could have a total victory.

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And you can tell it is unnatural because every single day the market closes UP. The brakes are only on in the morning, trying to set a trend. But it never holds.

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Really? Is there a reason not to do this?

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THIS. Trustworthy encryption is critical to internet commerce, and thus critical to modern Free Enterprise. Allowing Big Brother to have a backdoor key to encryption is the surest way to kill the golden goose.

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You can get it on a shirt. Sort of: https://www.aafnation.com/collections/the-trump-collection/products/donald-trump-gold-plated?variant=14166240034877 (My son has this one on a blanket. He sleeps under it every night.)

Also, the entire collection: https://www.aafnation.com/collections/the-trump-collection

NOTE: I have no financial stake in AAF Nation. I just think they have good stuff.

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I'm fine with them making a profit, TBH. But they said in their own post they wanted to be non-profit. I was just keeping with that theme.

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Well, more like "Leftist young people don't show up".

Bernie bros are lazy stupid commies who would rather sit around stoned all day talking about how amazing it would be if their lazy college lifestyle could continue forever.

They weren't/aren't like you.

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"How can someone be so fiscally irresponsible?"

It'a a Bernie Bro. These people are fucking morons with no clue how finances work AT ALL. I don't understand why you are surprised.

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Bullshit. You don't START with violent revolution. You work within the system first, just like the founders did. Remember that the revolution was 20 YEARS in the making. Virginians are showing their commitment to the Founder's vision by working within the system first, while showing their discontent publicly.

If the elected officials refuse to listen, then have them legally removed either via the courts or via the ballot box. If this proves impossible due to corruption of either system THEN and ONLY THEN is violent revolution proper and right. Once all legal avenues have been denied and your vote and Freedom are being stolen.

Anything else is just rabble-rousing.

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Regarding Donations: I know you don't want to monetize, but perhaps have a donation link that dumps to a special account that the costs for the hosting and whatnot come out of automatically, with the rest donated at the end of each month to a rotating pede-approved charity group?

It could be controlled via a 3rd party such as a legal or accounting group so that no mod touches the funds, and would allow pedes to help support the site while still maintaining a non-profit status.

If we can help keep the lights on while also helping things like (just to pick one) say, The Wounded Warrior Project, or Cancer research or Adoption assistance, or what have you, I think it would be really amazing.

Just, think about it.

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Well, having extra water around is always wise. If the flu takes out the people running the treatment plant or the pipeline repair crews and then you have some other natural disaster like a tornado, hurricane or blizzard (depending on the season) you could have a water system failure. So having a few gallons on-hand that are sealed and known good is smart for those times.

Being prepared for short term service losses is something we should all do. I'm hoping that this recent scare, however founded or unfounded, at least teaches people that lesson.

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I'm taking the "Prepare for the worst, Hope for the best, and do not panic." mode. I already have guns and ammo, now buying extra food supplies (but not tons and tons) medical supplies (again just enough, not too much) and personal care supplies.

I figure that with what I am buying, should this all blow over I can just go easy on grocery and toiletry items for a month or so and use up the extras I bought. Or keep them on hand for the next blizzard we have in the area, which we get every couple years or so.

I'm not building a bunker, not stocking up 3 year's supply of food and water, not building a Mad Max car for mowing down the hordes of infected people trying to steal my hand sanitizer. Just stocking up for the equivalent of a bad winter.

Anything more than that is just wasteful or full on Prepping.

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By the way, if you haven't read Justice Thomas's memoirs; "My Grandfather's Son" absolutely go buy and read them. Clarence Thomas has led and continues to lead a remarkable life. What an amazing man, we are truly blessed to have him serving on SCOTUS.

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