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Careful folks, the counter-shills are out in force.

They were in T_D, spamming the subreddit with "Fellow Caterpillars! I read all the Hillary and DNC emails and there was nothing there"......and theyre here now, calling this video a "nothingburger" and claiming it's just a rehash of what "we already know".

LIES from LIARS -- often paid liars. Watch the video for yourself. Even if it's just background noise while you post on T_D, do your home workout, clean up around the house, etc. You will see for yourselves that these pretend Trump fans are LYING to you.

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This is a shit-tier take. Absolute garbage.

The part that is great about this video isn't the court decisions, police reports and "scary music" -- it's the anecdotes and people staring straight at your face, making spot-on analogies and using logic that, if you are suffering from cognitive dissonance, will make you squirm in your seat.

Like pointing out how QUICKLY so many places removed their child-lover logos BEFORE making the media rounds to call everything a hoax. You don't need New York times reporting, or a Judge's decision for that. It slaps you right upside the head and says WAKE UP STUPID

If you didn't learn anything from this video, you're objectively a low-IQ moron. Either that or a liar. It's just not possible to watch this and not pick up a SINGLE rhetorical device or convincing counterargument or SOMETHING you can use on normies. IMHO you're full of shit.

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The same shit-ass Democrats who bitched about the 10k limit to SALT deductions in high-tax states had no problem with a $75k phase-out and people who make $100k or more getting NOTHING.

They never cared about "the Middle class". They only ever cared about poor people (those who make <$75k) and the rich (those making ~$500k, the highest tax bracket), and the rest of us are just garbage to them.

They don't want us investing, they don't want us starting businesses, they don't want us to do shit but CONSUME and be brainwashed so "hopefully" our kids are stupid jackasses who roll back into the working class instead of repeating our mistake of trying to get ahead and (shudder) join the ranks of the elite.

Nothing rich people hate more than nouveau riche people.

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So basically what you're saying is NEVER IMPROVE

Cutting 10% is better than cutting 1% or 0%. Saving $50/mo off your groceries by shopping smarter is better than just throwing up your hands, like a bitch, because your $1300/mo rent takes up the bulk of your paycheck.

Do what you can, now, worry about the rest later.

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Oh wow cool some random Northeast Iowa Democrat Party Precinct Vice-Chair Assistant to the Secretary is going to be indicted!!! Wow, huge news!! Served you right, Matilda, for not filing form 47CV instead of form 871x-12! 3 months on PROBATION haha

Shove it up your ASS. We want some fucking ACTIONS against the damn traitors, not some nothing nobodies.

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How many calories are in a fingertip worth of Cheeto dust? Now, how many calories are in 135 fingerfulls of Cheeto dust?

Being exposed to that many people breathing/coughing/sneezing virus particles, of course it'd be bad. Being exposed to ONE person at the grocery store, however, is not going to lead to you spreading the virus to 125 people at your workplace and a subsequent nationwide pandemic.

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"Having Medicare for All would save tens of thousands of lives annually. No, I don't have any proof, but that's what our models show"

"What do you mean Trump saved millions with his Coronavirus plan? You can't just use models as proof of lives being saved"


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As a prophylaxis, YES. 1 billion GODDAMNED FUCKING INDIANS are not casually taking "$0.08 per dose" every day of their fucking lives, jesus christ

I think I actually am getting mad that you think someone could be FUCKING STUPID ENOUGH to think that a billion Indians and 200 million Brazilians have just been CASUALLY popping HCQ tabs for their ENTIRE LIVES, and we're only now hearing about it.

Holy fuck you can't legitimately be this stupid. How much are they paying you? And why am I not surprised that multiple shills are all copying the same talking point of asking people why they're "so mad"? You people are garbage.

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You shilling MSM talking points, bro?

If your argument was strong, you'd drop a paragraph dismissing my criticism and then peace out. I type over 100wpm, what about you? And with speech-to-text, you have ZERO excuse any more. "I'm on mobile" doesn't fly.

Either you have an argument, or you don't. I'm insulting you because I see right through you, and it's funny watching you SQUIRM because your scripted talking points don't include addressing crowded streets/slums in Brazil, India or anywhere else.

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I should have clarified, I won't be VOLUNTEERING for anything, nor will I put myself in the first few waves of people. But if it becomes one of those "Let's all just do it" things, a few months after the fact, and we have politicians from across the spectrum pointing to tests and lab results, saying those with the Covid19 vaccine who were repeatedly exposed to the virus in clinical settings showed 100% immunity....I think you'd have to be silly if literally 43/45 people in your workplace get the vaccine, and you're one of two people who nope'd out of it.

If 20/45 got it, you might have a point. But once it hits 90, 93%, I mean, come on. Without any kind of underlying medical condition or genetic disorder (Crohns, Type-1 Diabetes, etc), resistance is just silly at that point. You're just begging the Feds to conspire with your family doctor/dentist/chiro/whoever to slip you the shot at the nearest opportunity.

You can check my post history - I'm the biggest dickhead out there. I hate commies with a passion. But when the entire force of the Federal Government comes down at you, and ZERO lawyers are standing in their way, while the NRA/GOA/etc don't say ONE FUCKING WORD......it's time to just go along with it.

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So I'm going to be overly verbose here, try to follow along:

You take the vaccine, or other chemical; you dilute it with water, and put it into a spray bottle; and you spray it IN SOMEONE'S FACE, exposing them to the chemical. Voila.

With enough different means and exposures, you can ensure 100% of the population is Covid19 vaccinated - with or without a court order, inside or outside of legal means - even if only 97% do so by choice. You can either do things the EASY WAY, or the HARD WAY.

Do you need a diagram, or is this still not enough information for you to be able to fill in the blanks?

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Facts, I agree. I keep going back to the fact that 1) I'm not leaving the U.S. any time soon, and 2) I can't afford to not LIVE IN A SOCIETY, and even if I could, would I really want to live in the middle of nowhere, with nobody around?

You'd have to grow your own food, produce your own electricity, boil/filter your well/rain water. You couldn't trust ANY doctor with ANY illness. "You broke your arm and you're in excruciating pain? Here, take this morphine shot. Oh, you won't take a shot anymore for the rest of your life? Uhh...OK then??"

No more tooth fillings - you have to get shots/nummed up for that. Unless you raise your own livestock - or cook the absolute SHIT out of any and all meat you buy, to destroy all traces of blood - then you're always at risk of getting the vaccine by proxy. None of this is any way to live, to have that constant paranoia. Could a vaccine be aerosolized, sprayed by a CIA plumber who came over to fix a leaky pipe? So now you can never have visitors again...

Remember when Kanye said "400 years of slavery sounds like a choice to me"? And everyone in the Media and Woke twitter clutched their pearls? He was onto something. Unless you're willing to hop a plane out of the U.S. tonight, your resistance to the vaccine - by choice or by surreptitious means - is futile.

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All it takes is one random person misting you with a spray bottle on a busy sidewalk, then melting into the crowd.

Are you really prepared to stay in your bunker 24/7 for the rest of your life?

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Think of how many people in the US use the City water system

Think of how few people drink Well water

Think of how few people get Well water, then boil it, then filter it with Charcoal


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Could be. There's no way of knowing which Celebs, Politicians, etc, virtue signal about receiving the vaccine and urge others to do so - but really, received a placebo.

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So a country of 1.3 billion people, a huge amount of whom live on less than $2/day......can afford to take $10/day worth of Hydroxychloroquine as a prophylaxis?

Jesus Christ you shills are fucking stupid.

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It's been since December, smart guy. Pakistan/India are both right next to Iran, which had a major outbreak, and despite being MASSIVELY populated, we haven't seen any reports SINCE GODDAMN JANUARY about tens of thousands of people dropping like flies. "Not in our news", and yet Italy is? Why again? Let's not be willfully ignorant. We have tens of thousands of people from India here, most VERY highly paid. It is VERY relevant to report on India, especially in the West Coast tech hub cities.

Will you address the slums/favelas or not? I swear to God I'm this close to just dismissing you as a shill. There is no earthly reason why you wouldn't at least fabricate a reason WHY the disease isn't spreading through the slums, unless you are, in fact, a paid actor. ANY normal person - any coworker of mine, any friend of mine, any family member - could at least try to make some shit up. YOU just went right for obfuscation and bullshittery.

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Thanks bud. I like high IQ movies that don't like the smell of their own farts (Tarentino, etc), the ones that mix in some slapstick and goofiness to throw you off their trail.

This Documentary is just good background noise. Goes over CIA programs like Mockingbird, MK Ultra, etc; talks a bit about Podesta e-mails, spirit cooking, etc; the way the Media coordinates to protect the rich and powerful, such as treating James Alefantis (Comet Pizza) like a victim while asking zero questions about the fucking weird artwork/symbols/etc on his house walls and Instagram page; and the main protagonist was a well-known stunt-man in Hollywood for multiple decades before he had a crippling injury, who talks about his run-ins and elbow-rubbing with celebrities over the years, and how he didn't realize the messed up stuff they were talking about until he was already out of the industry.

No Q-crap, no "Trust the Plan", no secret plans to disband the FBI/CIA, no Bilderberg/NWO/whatever nonsense. It's just a good break from the 24-7 China Flu news cycle.

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The Media/DemonRats are trying everything in their power to get DJT to declare a nationwide lockdown, zero flights, zero trains, zero subway, zero transit busses, etc. Not happening. Sorry FUCKHEADS, this is going state-by-state and the Governors who do the most piss poor jobs WILL BE held to account in their next election cycle.

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Yup, what we needed wasn't just state-by-state, not even county-by-county, but city-by-city decisions.

Lockdown the state for 48 hours, sure thing. That's long enough to put together the County-level planning. Lockdown the most populated counties for another 72 hours or so. Absolutely. Then you can find out which Cities have the most needs. Lockdown the Bay Area, but leave rural California alone. Lockdown Dallas, but leave Hutchins and Wilmer tf alone.

It makes no sense that outdoor markets, outdoor restaurants, drive-in movie theatres, etc, can't be open right now, with reduced occupancy. It's fucking idiotic and it's MANUFACTURED, and no amount of robbing China or demanding reparations from the CCP, is going to make it up.

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It's also, uh, dumb, to assume that we record every FLU death as a FLU death. When someone has had cancer or AIDS for 10 years, and get the flu and die, we mark it as a CANCER or AIDS death. When that same exact person has had Cancer/AIDS for 10 years and dies of Covid19, we mark it as a........DUMBroll please......COVID19 DEATH.

Try again. Also, be more smarmy next time, I quite enjoy that. Makes it more fun to smack you around with your own air of superiority.

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