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bro, just take it all the way down. Bic it.

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"four years desecrating this nation" translates into four years of highlighting and correcting 50yrs of subversion, moral decay and outright corruption.

If democracy dies in the darkness then call us blackout. We're taking back America. Finishing what McCarthy tried to start.

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do they at least recognize that they are a derby playing tranny with pink hair or do they think they are human with civil rights and demand equality?

that seems to be where they all go wrong anymore.

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ha. so there's obviously a bot-farm in New Jersey.

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Sssshhh....lay back, baby. Just let it happen.

Democracy dying is the most satisfying thing I’ve experienced in my 38 yrs of life.

Now we can get back to our constitutional/representative republic and MAGA.

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Of course it’s another fat chick.

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Oh they about to give him mouth loads full of human rights in jail.

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Wtf does that bald dude next to biden have a raging hard-on?

Guess joe brought pizza to the party.

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the rainbow brigade is a societal cancer.

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this is really insulting to autistic people.

I'm just sayin'.

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You add it after you submit your post. It’s in the flair option right below the post.

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Sexual deviance, homosexuality and transgenderism have historically been bell-weathers to societies falling...

Sodom/gomorrah, Greece, Rome, 1930’s Germany.

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Race is a human construct.

We all do Gods work.

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Not just white men... but masculine straight white men.

They only cast lispy effeminate whites guys now.

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Nobody supports the alphabet people. We operate on natural law (Gods law) and everything about that group is unnatural. Same sex couples can’t procreate so they violate natural law. Transgenderism violates the natural law of male and female. There’s only one third gender and that is for people who are born with both genitalia (hermaphrodites). THEN you have all of the biblical law and morality arguments. We all live with sin, but we are not ‘proud’ of our sins. We actively and consistently try to move away from our sin, through Gods love and will. We purposely try to improve our lives. And this ‘whole we should be able to love who we love’ is liberal subversion. We should all love each other as we love ourselves but that doesn’t mean we should start fucking everybody because we love them. That’s why the lgbtq secular movement is void of God and morality because it’s sexual deviance. And no, sexual preference is not a civil right. Immutable characteristics like race and sex are civil rights.

Especially considering the ‘inclusiveness’ of the lgbtq and the fact that they ally with pedophiles, or ‘minors attracted people’. Not to mention how lgbtq legislatures are actively trying to abolish the age of consent ie California bill sb 145.

On top of that... it wasn’t until gay marriage was legalized that PC/cancel culture took over the mainstream. And now if you misgender one of these schizophrenics it’s considered assault? Get the fuck outta here. There’s a reason the rainbow brigade has the highest suicide rate STILL in the most accepting time in America’s history.

Y’all are simply being used for votes... useful idiots in every party. Don’t get comfortable.

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