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All of this has been the consequence of the vaginalization of corporate America.

Females should be baking cookies instead of destroying Western civilization.

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Yes. That’s a fair point about what finally shut down Mueller. Otherwise Mueller would still be at it! But I maintain the original plan was to release his report immediately following the midterms with the Dems in control of the house and never-trump Republicans in control of the Senate. Dems all expected Trump gone in the middle of his first terms. The GOP senate win was virtually unprecedented.

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Because, technically, it is illegal to offer public office in exchange for political favour. Despite the fact that it’s done all the time. So much so that it has a name: Patronage. It’s a “don’t ask don’t tell” sort of law.

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Sessions was the insurance policy. He got the AG position only because he demanded it as the price of his endorsement. The deep state needed Sessions as AG to protect the coup if Trump won the election.

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Jeff Sessions was the insurance policy. For years now I’ve been telling you this.

What Donald Trump knows, and cannot reveal, is that Sessions demanded the AG position IN EXCHANGE FOR HIS EARLY ENDORSEMENT.

This was the Coup-Plotter’s “insurance policy” against their discovery and prosecution. They sent Sessions into the campaign with his demand and the lure of his valuable endorsement to make certain that, if Trump was so fortunate as to win the election, the coup against the president could proceed.

This is why they were all so confident that Trump would be gone by the midterms. It’s why the media kept reporting (without apparent cause) that “the walls were closing in” on Donald Trump. They were under orders to lay the groundwork with the public for the inevitable impeachment.

And Trump would have been impeached too—but for one detail: The GOP GAINED senate seats. Had they not done so, Lindsey Graham, Mitch Mcconnell, and the rest of the “Dead Hooker” Republicans would have voted to replace Trump with Pence—after Mueller’s report returned a verdict recommending charges of collusion against Trump Jr. and obstruction against the President.

That was the fucking plan!

It fell apart when the GOP gained new senators that could not be swayed. Mueller backed out. He released his report but pulled his punches. He knew the game was over. But that’s the ONLY reason Trump Jr. is not today on trial. He would be facing prison otherwise.

This is the kind of scum that is Jeff Sessions.

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So what are the odds that this "mistake" happens in two different blue states?

This was no mistake. They set out to kill old people to inflate the death rate. Now it's obvious.

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They don't plan on winning.

The point is to make Biden into a time bomb for impeachment after Trump wins reelection. The Justice Dept. won't be able to touch Biden without the full state apparatus moving to oust Trump for prosecuting his political rival. The hope is that, insulating Biden, insulates everyone associated with Ukrainian corruption.

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Listen to that guy. That's not a man. I'm not going to be controlled by pussies.

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Look at that picture. Notice anything....significant?

Aside from the photoshop, there are NO WOMEN PRESENT.

Want to understand your oppression and America's decline? It's all right there.

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No one is going to believe me but ALL of this is just voodoo. These guys don't know anything. A drug designed to kill a bacterium cures a viral infection? Right. And the same people who can't eliminate the HIV virus (which does not in fact cause AIDS) after 35 years of research, now have a magical cure for a virus that appeared mere weeks ago? Come on!

We need to pull the plug on the CDC and organizations like it. They don't have the technology and expertise to which they pretend. They're all witch doctors practicing medieval medicine, blowing smoke and saying prayers.

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I'm confused. I thought George was American.

Hmmmmm....... <thinky-face emoji>

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