WassermanSchultz [S] 1 point ago

Social distancing is putting a damper on kiddy sniffing. Biden can't be too happy about that.

WassermanSchultz [S] 17 points ago

The DNC tried to force Hilldawg on me, but she's awful. I predict more people will leave the DNC this year, too, because Biden is losing his marbles. Honestly they shouldn't be doing this to someone who is clearly unwell.

Also DNC's love affair with identity politics is a big, fat, non-starter with me. No thanks.

I'm happy to be in the party of peace and prosperity.

WassermanSchultz [S] 13 points ago

I'm ashamed of how much time I wasted there over the years.

WassermanSchultz [S] 2 points ago

Nobody, but countries will stop lending it to us. The interest rates will climb and climb.. It's financial Armageddon.

WassermanSchultz [S] 6 points ago

Dems can't pass up an opportunity for a political hit, even if it means contributing to a global pandemic. They're fucking crazy.

WassermanSchultz [S] 7 points ago

Endless scrolling!!!! Yes!! I was going to suggest an option in settings to display 50 or 100 posts per page, but I guess this fixes that.

Keep up the good work - you rock.

WassermanSchultz [S] 3 points ago

DNC is trying to hide him away. I really want to see his debate on Sunday with Bernie. Bernie will mop the floor with him, ..and when it's DJT vs. Biden, hoo boy.

You just know they're gonna try to cancel any debate and blame it on the Wu Flu.

WassermanSchultz [S] 4 points ago

Why does the button to post messages say "submit"? This isn't Islam.

WassermanSchultz [S] 26 points ago

Meth fueled gay model orgies are a hard limit for me.

Damn, you set a pretty high bar.

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