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He doesn't have access... he knows the email address obviously. Hunter emailed "Big Guy" on his super secrit email is likely what this means.

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Fox enables them by covering their bullshit. What you should do is only cover these if there is actually news there.

Instead they rush there breathlessly because some bullshit was announced. Instead of sending a print reporter who would write it up properly if it takes a week to do it, so be it.

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They are really scared about Hunter's laptop

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Wow, this is sickening. Another day another google scandal. How can anyone say this could be a free and fair election with shit like this? Censoring newspapers censoring politicians running for office (twitter did that to what like dozens of them at this point? ) censoring news stories that are negative about Democrats. Manipulating search results.

Where does it stop?

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So to be clear, you were certain that this "source" was put there to manipulate you guys? I assume to discredit the whole network. To attack it's credibility in a state level type attack? If that's the case why not release this fake source's name?

Isn't the problem in journalism that many organizations protect people like this, who lie, who fabricate, who maliciously try to get news outlets destroyed by giving them forgeries?

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They are not gone, you can change how things are sorted, the default is set to new now so new questions are shown first.

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Do you think we are at the point where the election is stolen not by the tech companies who openly censor one side and prevent its message from getting out to the people.

Can the elections still be called free and fair during current circumstances?

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Is this due to the insane liberals inside Fox leadership - the board etc. Is the reason they are risk averse because they are planning for things post Rupert?

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What do you know about Durham? Why did he lie to Barr and make a fool of him? (Barr promised several times that the report will be ready "soon", "during the summer" "before the election" etc etc.)

Why did Durham make Barr lie so many times and how did he get away with it?

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What do you know about the moderator of the next debate?

If you had to describe her to a normie very quickly what would you say? What is the strongest example of her bias in your mind?

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Roger Ailes had a plan to create a new network that is not compromised like Fox is. Why do you think nobody took up that cause after his death?

Do you think it's a good strategy to leave so much to chance? Does the fate of most of the conservative presence in media turn on Rupert making it to 97 or whatever? And will in the future? Because as soon he is gone they WILL turn it into a Democrat smear machine, we all know it.

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Why do you think Chris lied in the debate so brazenly. He even brought up the fine people hoax. Can you imagine him being unaware it is a hoax that was debunked for 3 years by the transcript? And trump "condemned totally" as the transcript says?

Why did he lie you think?

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Hi, why do you think we don't see any real whistleblowers from the FBI, CIA, DOJ and other organizations?

We always hear about the rank and file who are not corrupt, but if that's true, where are they? Where was a guy saying a year ago publicly

"Hey we have Hunter's laptop with all the corruption on it, that's relevant to the impeachment defense. If we don't hand it over his rights will be violated by us."

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Wow. One day I'd love to know if Wray even did anything at the FBI or he was just a figurehead who drew a salary but never actually took part in any decisions.

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I think that's a charitable reading.

The FBI investigated a fucking garage door handle and couldn't even close that investigation until the day after the media was FULL of the story. And by story I mean the fact that the fucking garage door was there for years and didn't bother anyone.

It was all documented with photos and videos and other evidence that the garage door was there was there. It was all over the media. And even then it took the FBI an additional day to be able to figure it out with all their agents.

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He needs to go, at this point it's clear he is on the side of murderous antifa.

prove me wrong, Chris say you condemn the antifa murderers.

just one time, see if you can do it.

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Listen, Paul. You have decent stuff and everything but you should never again post stuff with "breaking" in the title.

It's now 1 hour later and is no longer "breaking".

Your tweet now looks retarded with the breaking in all caps.

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