Wanderfar [S] 5 points ago

I am going! Period! In past false flags they use the cover of a "training Exercise" to bring in the crisis actors. Instead of bringing guns we are bringing cameras! If a van unload a group of bloody actors it will be photographed. I believe the comment I am responding to is a shill.

We are prepared for their tricks/ WWG1WGA

Wanderfar [S] 2 points ago

We will be video recording EVERYTHING. Most times crisis actor have the cover of being part of a "Training Exercise scheduled for the day". They don't have that cover this time. If a van pulls up and blooding people walk out, it will be photographed and posted.

Wanderfar [S] 18 points ago

This is the Comment to up vote. I am in VA. Nought another gun today, the store was PACKED and they are running out of stock. They have organized a bus and busses are filling fast. This is going to be a MASSIVE peaceful protest. Get there if you can.

remember the Tea Party crowds... that put the fear of God into the politicians looking over that sea of people. And then the powers that be come to crush it. Targeting from IRS being prominent. Hang tough. Be respectful. I like the "wear a suit" comment and might do that except its so damn cold. WWG1WGA