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Nothing like drinking some morning coffee and watching some WAR ROOM! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Public flogging; 30 lashes... make that 300 lashes

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The Kraken is a Department of Defense Cyber Warfare Program. It tracks systems and aquires evidence of nefarious activities

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I as well am feeling pretty awesome. Just added to my Predicit bets!

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Damn it James! You know they cheated. Hold the line!

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F5. I think I'm at another level, I dream about this shit. I know Trump is going to win but still the drama of it all and the waiting... Buckle up!

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I did not know there was a sister site, thanks for the info

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Wow! This just made my morning and day and year and decade. We win, we fucking win. It's an exciting time to be alive!

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Agreed! Also voter ID, the national guard in each state counting the ballots, with one Republican, one Democrat, and one Independent observer per each ballot counter. Ballots should be treated like currency; under lock and key with armed guards and armored trucks.

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