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He won't win unless Utah gets rid of the Romney vote counting computers.

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As I see it, the republican leaders in most of he States are very weak and project an appearance of giving up without a fight. They must be afraid of the communist democrats. They should not be holding down a political office. We need more leaders in the mold of President Donald John Trump.

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Dominion has said the company is non-partisan and not biased toward Democrats, but confirmed it had made an estimated $2.5 million donation to the Clinton Global Initiative and had hired the former staffer of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as a lobbyist.

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A pandemic that’s moving more and more toward hoax territory. With CDC-documented recovery rates at over 99+% for almost everyone besides the very aged and infirm, why is it being treated, especially by Democrat/leftist governors, as if it is the bubonic plague?

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The next step: the American people are going to take this to the streets. Rallies like America has never seen, growing in size and intensity (and with patriotism, not violence, as their guiding force) in probably every state in the country, and in multiple cities in every state — are going to take place until President Trump is rightly declared the winner of the election.

The American people voted in the outsider Donald Trump in 2016. And since then, they ain’t been blind.

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Yes, live without the democrat mask mandate

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I haven't read anything about the DOJ doing anything good. I hope they are

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Does not matter what date it is. IT IS GOOD NEWS FOR REPUBLICANS and should be posted time and time again.

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Have no idea. I am not on parler or know anything about them other than what I read in the news.

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Good news from California, usually from California it is always bad news.

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