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Maybe they were brazen in their corruption because no one ever questioned it or did anything about it...until now.

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I can't wait for POTUS to be sworn in again because I had two Biden supporters today laugh at me when I said Biden will never be president...I want to see their faces when this happens.

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Notice how these days what used to be thought as "unattractive" is always promoted, especially in commercials.

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Such a sad state of affairs.

I had one person I know say to me that he doesn't like Biden, but voted for him because of his disapproval of POTUS...this is a sickness.

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Not here he wasn't.

It was clear what his agenda was when he criticized POTUS in wanting to end the wars and bring our troops home.

He's a fan of the endless wars and wants to continue them.

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So blatantly obvious to try and blend in.

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Exactly. I would think it would be closer to 95 to 100% of a Trump voter who thinks this.
Polls always underestimate the voter who is on the Right.

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You think it just happens in a couple of days?

WRONG! The case is being prepared and it will be proven in court!

BTW, even a blind person can see all the fraud that was committed.

Watch and see what happens!!

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"Losing" by the massive cheating done by the D party, isn't losing. POTUS won in a landslide of epic proportions.

They've been caught and are now realizing it is getting exposed to everyone.

POTUS is one of the most amazing Presidents this country has had.

BTW, getting impeached by only one side for a "perfectly good phone call"...is a joke. If the D party didn't have their propaganda media to help them push their BS, they would have nothing.

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I agree with Hannity being a patriot and friend of POTUS, but not Tucker.

I never fully trusted him and never watched his show.

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No, not really. They've taken a dive in ratings, especially their daytime viewers.

First time in 20 years that MSNBC has beaten them in daytime viewers.

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Instead of ratings being down 30% he hopefully will be down by over 50% next week.

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So many people voted for him that he "broke" the algorithm that was installed for the major cheating and fraud to steal the election from him and give it to creepy.

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Especially now that Fox has hemorrhaged a massive amount of viewers after the election.

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